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New Blog!

Please visit!  I will probably be deleting Sports Guy By within a month or so!


Coming Soon!

At this point in my blogging career (if you can call it that), I’ve decided to some what expand my horizon.  I love sports with all of my heart, but it’s not my only love.  There are so many things in this wonderful world that I have a deep appreciation for, including writing … so why not write about it all?

Well, I’ve ventured down that road before, but for some weird reason, I felt I wasn’t ready?  I know, I know, it doesn’t make sense … “You weren’t ready towriteabout anything?”  YesLOL! Like I said, it doesn’t make sense.

But I think now I am (ready), and I’m absolutely looking forward to it!

So to all my readers, who ever you are, please continue to follow me as I promise you this … I will try my best to entertain you with my thoughts and words if not for a few minutes.  One thing I can guarantee is this … I will always be me.

As soon as I can think of a new, cool blog name (that hasn’t been taken) … I will post it up on Sports Guy By.

Bad Girlfriend Injuries (Nagging)

They should rename this injury to Oucher Ouchy Itis

Plantar Faciitis

Upon reading the definition of this condition, I was able to see how much of a nuisance this injury could be.  The main problem with having plantar faciitis, is that it’s usually not bad enough to force you to miss significant game time.  So what happens, is that you end up playing with pain.  Continuous pressure applied to the foot diagnosed with the condition can lead to more serious effects on the body, including major knee problems.

Basically, plantar faciitis in a nut shell, is an injury (sometimes slight tear) to the fascia, which is a thick band of tissue originating from the heel bone, but extends along the sole of the foot towards the five toes.

Although I mentioned how players usually play with and through the pain due to the injury on their foot, there are instances where the pain is too intense that the players may miss a few games.  Or their performance is effected immensely.

I have a few players on my fantasy basketball roster with this condition.  Sucks.

That doesn't look right ... does it?

Turf Toe

It’s not a surprise that some of the most nagging injuries in sports, are pin pointed to the feet.  What turf toe essentially is … is when your toe bends up (ouch).  This usually happens in football, and on artificial turf, because your shoe sticks to the ground which forces your body weight to go forward, bending your toe up (once again, ouch).

This injury used to be similar to plantar faciitis, in the sense of being expected to play through the discomfort.  Unfortunately, many players who tried to perform on a turf toe, performed horribly.  The injury obviously hindered their ability to do any athletic movements, and they risked further injury.  The negative impact on having an athlete active on turf toe is big.  Usually the opposing team can sense the injured player’s weakness, and exploit it.

More recently, players who suffer from turf toe simply do not play.  They rest and heal.  Sometimes the injury can take a long time to recover from though, so despite how insignificant “turf toe” sounds, it’s the real deal in terms of meaningful injuries.

Fantasy Byron Ball

I just want to take a moment to let everyone know that I currently stand in first place in both of my fantasy basketball leagues.  I don’t expect that to be the case for the entire season, but I do intend on winning them both.

In one league, my team “Paranormal Activity” has been in the top two since the season began, and it looks as if only one other team even remotely poses a threat to me.  That would be “Foyled Again.”  I beat him two weeks ago.  That league is called the Realest Basketball League.

But the more important league to me, “ThE KiNgS Of ThE YaY III” in which I have appropriately named my team “Defending Champ” (b/c I won ThE KiNgS Of ThE YaY II) I have finally wrestled back first place.  This league is competitive throughout, and it wouldn’t surprise me if 7th place moved to 3rd place within the span of two weeks.

Big match up this week though.  I face the #2 team, and a good one at that.  I do have one advantage, as the “Thrillas from Manila” will be missing good production from Anthony Randolph this week.  Perfect timing for me.

With that said, I feel confident in the way I built my team (even w/o Arenas) and I am hoping A.J. Price eventually takes over the point in Indiana.  I picked him up off the waiver with the advice of my buddy Leets.  Kid’s got potential.

If anyone wants to give me fantasy advice, feel free to chime in!  Thanks.



Being a Filipino-American, it’s some-what bias for me to say that Manny Pacquiao is the greatest ever.  But I will still try and make an argument for it, because he truly is.  If you choose to argue, that’s fine … but forgive me, I am just proud of what Manny has accomplished.  He is an inspiration to us all.

Let’s start with his body of work.  7 titles in 7 different weight-classes.  No one in the illustrious history of boxing could say they’ve done that … other than the great Manny Pacquiao.  He’s taken on the best the business offers in its current state, and he’s defeated them all.  Marquez, Morales, De La Hoya, Hatton, and now Miguel Cotto.  Saturday night, Round 1, Cotto looked like he was going to punish Pacquiao for his continuous climbing in weight-class.  Unfortunately for Cotto, weight, and even reach isn’t quite as important as speed.  And no one matches Pacquiao’s speed.  No one.

Aside from Speed, there’s power.  Aside from power, there’s foot-work.  And if you take all these natural tools away from Pacquiao, he still has the greatest weapon of all … heart.  Pacquiao has climbed up in weight-class more frequently than Paris Hilton changes BFF’s – but every time he jumps into the lion’s den, he leaves smelling like roses … with his legend growing bigger, even too big for Vegas to hold.  Cotto was no push-over, and even true Pacquiao fans were worried leading into the fight.  I asked myself, “Has Pacquiao finally bit off more than he could chew?”  And like every fight prior to the next, he exceeds expectations, no matter how great.

Cotto landed some punches, and landed them hard.  At first glance, it seemed as if Pacquiao was affected, and taken back by those punches.  But then Pacquiao punches his gloves together and hits himself.  As if to say, “Nice, but not enough for me.”  He then proceeds to go on a flurry of tactical, and amazingly timed punches, combinations, or even one-hitter-quitters that revitalize your faith in him.  He’s almost like the true version of Hulk Hogan.  When Pacquiao gets hit, he simply “Hulk’s” up … and you should know better than to hit Hulk Hogan while he’s “Hulking” up.  It only makes him stronger.  The same for Manny.

After the titillating first four rounds, Pacquiao took control.  Cotto, built by the media as a tough, never-back-down type of fighter with punches to pack … which is true, he is … but Pacquiao turned Cotto into track-star.  Cotto simply ran away.  The bigger, stronger man … ran away.

Pacquiao owes a tremendous amount of his success to his superb staff, specifically Freddie Roach.  He took Pacquiao from a talented fighter, to a perfect fighter.  Because of Roach, Pacquiao is the total package.  He learns, and develops so quickly … like a machine.  Within a five-year span, has anyone in the history of boxing improved so much?  The answer is no.  The scary part, he probably has room for improvement.  What impressed me tonight … his granite chin.  He took some punches, and when the bell sounded to end a round … he was walking back to his corner smiling.

Now, Pacquiao shares something in common with Muhammad Ali – he fights for more than himself.  No need to go over what Ali stood for.  We all know the story of what makes this man, more than a man, but a living legend.  It was more than just boxing for Ali.  The same for Pacquiao.  Pacquiao fights with an entire nation behind him.  Leaning on him.  He is all that is well with my country-men.  Terrorists in the Mindanao region of the Philippines call a cease-fire when ever Pacquiao fights.  Kidnappers freed a priest last night, so they could watch Pacquiao fight.  And in a time of need, after the Philippines just went through perhaps one of the worse national disasters of all time, they turn to Pacquiao for strength.  Imagine the type of pressure that brings.  A lot of these American fighters will never bear this burden.  But for Manny, it’s what makes him a hero.  It’s what makes him legendary, and it’s why he’s the greatest.

For most of you, he is high up on your rankings … but if Mayweather ever stops ducking him … he’ll have another chance to prove himself worthy the top spot.  For now I go back to this … 7 titles, 7 divisions.  Name another.

Friday Night Random-ness

Someone showed up and ended the "Rebel Assault" ---

Someone crashed the "Rebel Assault" party ...

Well my prediction was somewhat right, the Phillies were able to score 3 runs against the Evil Empire and would have won Game 6 by the score of 3-1 if not for the emergence of Godzilla and his monster 6 RBI’s.  Well congrats Yankee fans, another World Series purchased.

Last night, the NBA only had 2 games on their schedule, Bulls @ Cavs, Spurs @ Jazz.  TNT kindly broad casted both games.  My beef is not with them, but with the NBA itself.  Who the hell was in charge of scheduling?  Since the beginning of the Spurs title runs, they have been dubbed (rightfully so) the most boring-est team ever!  Now they’re old on top of that which makes them more boring-er.  My god, the only reason I sat through a portion of the game is because I have Duncan on my Fantasy squad.

Did anyone catch the clip of that one young lady on the New Mexico Futbol’ team that was doing all kinds of dirty stuff to the BYU team they faced.  Sasha Fierce up in there!

Baron Davis

Someone wanted to go "Hollywood" too bad he forgot to pack his "game" ...

So all the hype on BD and his “being in shape” this season was for nothing.  It’s almost safe to say that he’ll never be what he was, I’m starting to appreciate the fact we (Golden State) didn’t re-sign after our glorious Playoff run in ’07.  Which reminds me, where is Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba and Woody Harrelson now?  They were all about the Warriors that year … fair-weather fans … nothing worse.

LeBron James

King of New York?

Tonight LeBron visits NY – but Knick fans may not have anything to worry about, they may get some LeBron action every night next season.  And if Bron Bron does bolt for the Broadway lights, that team becomes an instant contender – yes.  I said it.  Take LeBron away from the Cavs and their bottom feeders.  Imagine if a healthy Boozer stayed in Cleveland with LeBron?  Well that’s what LeBron will have in David Lee.  Throw in the up-tempo style of D’Antoni and LeBron may just run wild!  I’m not even mentioning the possibility of adding in a Chris Bosh to the fold either … that would be too much!

That’s it for random-ness post ala 11/06/09 – laters

The Force Is With You, Philly …

As of late, I’ve been in this weird state in which I feel like writing with no formal direction or topic.  It’s kind of fun actually, and who knows how long I’ll do this for?  Perhaps until Tim Tebow wins another National Title … then I’ll write an entire web page dedicated to his greatness!  So until then … randomness …

When I think of the Yankees, I think of this guy.

CC’s on the mound tonight for the Yanks, a local guy (Vallejo) and yes I usually support the local guys, but not when they play for the evil empire.  In my opinion, this World Series has played out like another series … Star Wars … and just the original 3!  Game 1 was “A New Hope” as the Phillies went into the new Yankee Stadium and took it to Darth Jeter and Sith Lord A-Rod.  Unfortunately, games 2-4, “The Empire Struck Back.”  All that was missing was Pedro to find out that the Yankees were indeed his father!  Well games 6 & 7 will be the “Return of the Jedi” and by Jedi, I mean Ryan Howard, and no … not the one from NBC’s “The Office”, although from how the Phillies slugger’s been swinging his bat throughout this series, BJ Novak’s character might have fared better.  Anyway, Game 6 is the key to this series, if the Yanks don’t close it out, than the Phillies will repeat.

Kevin Durant has been hyped up big time leading into this season, and rightfully so, he is a great young player who has not even come close to reaching his potential.  Last night, he had the opportunity to propel himself further amongst the elite status in the NBA, but failed.  The Thunder were up late against the Lakers, but could not put them away, and partly if not mostly because Durant turned into a complete “dud” come crunch time.  Now as an avid Fantasy Basketball player, I could care less if you finish the game 0-7, as long as your total shooting percentage hovers around the high 40’s and up.  But as an avid basketball fan, clutch “is” everything, and Durant choked.  I want to like Durant more, but he needs to step up his crunch time performance.

I will reveal my secret to winning Fantasy BasketballDraft Josh Smith.

At this point in the season, who would you consider the cream of the crop in the NFC East?  Are you ready to count the Giants out?  Well, as much as I don’t want to brag and tell you “I told you so” … well, I told you so.

As much as I dis-credited both the Giants & Cowboys, and over-credited the Redskins, I was right on several accounts.  The NFC East belongs to the Eagles.  Now, this isn’t 100% a good thing, ’cause as good as McNabb has been lately, he’s liable to pull a Kevin Durant and choke.  Actually when it comes to McNabb, let’s say he’s liable to pull a Chris Webber ala Michigan, and choke big time!  I do hope the Eagles continue their impressive play, and to this day, I can’t believe how many teams passed on the electrifying DeSean Jackson!  I guess since I got to see every week on TV while he was here at Cal, I knew first hand of how special a player he was.  I must admit, I too am quite impressed on how quickly he’s been able to make such a huge impact on the NFL in only his second season.  He’s become my favorite wide-out, easily.

Back to the World Series … what does CC stand for?

What’s everyone’s opinion on the UFL?  And why does my local team have to be called the “Redwoods” ???  That’s about as intimidating as the “Jazz” … Oh no!  The “Jazz” are coming to town, and they’re gonna beat us down with their … umm … their jazz I guess … ?  Their jazz and their jazzy ways … yeah that’s it!  Oh no!  The “Redwoods” are in town, they’re going to beat us down with their intimidating stand still tactics!  Team name fail.

Randomness concluded … for now.