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Super Bowl Shoot Out!

If you can't get excited for this, don't watch American Football!

Well, for most neutral fans, this is the Super Bowl we wanted … granted neither team is undefeated which was a possibility but only a few weeks ago, it’s still set up to be an exciting match up.  Man, just imagine how high the stakes would be, if one team were guaranteed perfection as a result of the outcome of the game, but both were perfect leading into the game.  I better stop now, because it upsets me to think about it (Indy).

Indy did exact the revenge that we all knew they would have, but hats off to the Jets.  They came in, punched the Colts in the mouth, but unfortunately they only had one hit in ’em.  The Vikings, behind Brett “The Diva” Favre gave a valiant effort in New Orléans, but sometimes you can’t go up against destiny.  Favre’s miracle season wasn’t what I was referring to, as he left the field the same way he left Lambeau against the Giants in an NFC title games a few years back.  He left after seeing his last throw essentially cost his team a trip to the Super Bowl.  Retire now.

Reggie Bush has made the leap into stardom in these playoffs

It’s interesting to see how they’re going to build the hype-train up for this game.  They of course meaning the media.  Usually it’s easy.  David versus Goliath.  The good guys versus the bad guys.  This time is different.  I think both teams having so many likable characters, makes it so that there’s no villain.  You kind of see yourself rooting for both teams, as long as they’re not playing your team.  So who do we root for now?

Both teams finished the season short of perfect, although the Colts did it by choice.  Both teams have marquee quarterback’s and high-powered offenses.  Both teams play a brand of football that’s pleasing to the eyes.  They’re almost identical in all aspects of likability.  So who do we root for now?  Reportedly the Colts are 3.5 favorites as of now, but who knows what the number will be two weeks from now.  I suggest even closer to even money.  Which basically means, this match up is even.  No one can tell who the stronger team is, really …

Reggie Wayne was under rated for so long, but he's proven to be the man for so many years already

Reggie Wayne used to be so under rated, but he's always been "The Man."

This is one of those rare matches, where I honestly don’t care who wins.  I like both teams.  I might favor the Saints a little more because of what New Orléans has been through as a city over the last five years … so I feel they deserve to celebrate something.  I’d like to see Brees get a ring, but I don’t want to see Peyton lose … I’m pulling for Reggie Bush, but I love Reggie Wayne.  So who do we root for now?

I guess all I can hope for, is that this game turns out to be what we all anticipate.  A slug fest.  A shoot out.  An all out exhibition of blood, sweat and tears … basically a hell of a game!  I look forward to February 7th.  The match up in itself is all the hype needed to promote this fight.


Down To The Final 4


Before I begin with my post, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the deaths of two athletes this past week.  Both passed away due to pre-existing heart conditions (enlarged hearts) which resulted in cardiac arrests.  These incidents prove that not even the professional athlete is invulnerable to conditions like the ones that cost these two young men their lives.  I constantly exercise and participate in rec leagues for basketball, and in light of these tragic incidents, I will vow to myself, to always get checked by a doctor if I feel any irregularities with my body.  This includes the little chest pains I get after I complete activities that requires me to exert a lot of energy.  I know that the only thing guaranteed in life is death, and taxes.  But death for these two young men came way too soon 😦

On to football.

I don’t feel like saying much outside of I’m shocked … but at the same time I’m not.

Let’s talk about this past weekend in order of appearance shall we?

I’m shocked that we weren’t treated to another epic shoot out in the Super Dome on Saturday.  I predicted that the Saints would win, but what I didn’t expect, was that they would do so without so much of a hitch from the Cards.  Experts said that the Cards may have been physically and emotionally drained after their instant classic of a meeting with the Packers last weekend … but I thought the opposite.  I thought they would be uplifted, and feel almost invincible after surviving to the next round.  They would ride that momentum straight into the Super Bowl, like they did last year.  I was wrong.  That’s why experts are experts, and I’m just Byron.

When Bush isn't focused on this ... he can be one helluva football player.

I was shocked at how well Reggie Bush played.  Was this his coming out party?  I don’t want to jump the gun on him quite yet, but if the Saints have the USC Reggie Bush in their back field, and not the “will never live up to the hype” Reggie Bush, well then … it’s a whole new ball game folks!

I won’t be shocked if Kurt Warner retires.  He was already considering it prior to this game, but after this vicious hit … it might be a formality.

Business as usual this past Saturday for the Colts General.

I was not shocked at how well Peyton Manning played.  Granted he threw two picks (even though only one just counted) to the Ravens … they were intercepted by Ed Reed.  Ed Reed is like the Peyton Manning of defenses.  The guy makes reads, he’s intelligent, and he’s gifted at his position.  That didn’t come to a surprise to me at all, and Ed Reed owns Peyton Manning on a personal level, but the Colts continue to own the Ravens over all.  Minus Ed Reed from this game, and Manning dominated.  He looked like the MVP he kind of deserves.

I was shocked at how well Brett Favre continues to play.  I must admit, I am one of his biggest doubters, but at this point, I think I’ll just shut up about Favre.  He’s had my respect, he has it even more now, but … I still hate him.

Now this is the Tony Romo I'm used to seeing in the playoffs

Now this is the Tony Romo we're used to seeing in the playoffs.

I hate Brett Favre … a lot.  But probably not as much as I hate Tony Romo.  Well, I take that back, maybe I hate them equally.  So when watching this game, I already knew that I lose no matter what the outcome.  But, I was not shocked at how bad Romo would play.  What … the guy wins one playoff game, and all of a sudden he’s a “clutch” performer?  All of a sudden, he’s the quarterback you turn to when you want to get the “job done” ???  NO.  He showed his true colors and folded under the pressure, like he usually does.  Even Romo was entitled to one playoff win … he got it.  Now we can get back to the way things were.

Favre to Rice has been money for the Vikes ... wait 'til AP joins the party.

Favre to Rice has been money for the Vikes, wait 'til AP joins the party ...

Another shocker from this game.  I felt no impact from AP at all.  That’s scary if you’re the Saints.  If he goes off, along with the streaking Favre, then it will be the Vikings partying by the Bayou next weekend.

Darrelle Revis might be the most valuable player in the playoffs thus far.

SHOCK.  But … not really.  The shock comes from the team that upset the Chargers.  The Jets.  Revis is a pimp.  His subjects, any wide receiver in the league.  Any.  He’ll shut them all down.  The Jets have held two potent offenses to low scoring out puts, and I truly believe Revis is the reason.  When he takes a way one side of the field, and shortens the field, the Jets D is at an advantage, as there’s less room for opposing offenses to operate.  It’s going to take a quarter back like Manning next week to find and exploit any weaknesses (if any) in the Jets D.  Anyway, the Colts should be thanking the Jets.  Not only do they have a chance to exact revenge on the team that ended their “perfect” season, but now they won’t have to face the Chargers.  The Colts have had little success against San Diego over the past few years, including an early exit in the playoffs last season, at the hands of the Chargers.

Could the 2010 playoff edition of the NY Jets, be the NFL version of the 2007 Golden State Warriors playoff team?

But.  Remember when the Dallas Mavericks had a chance to defeat the Golden State Warriors in the final game of the 2006-2007 season?  If the Mavericks won, the Warriors would have been eliminated from playoff contention that year.  If the Warriors won, they’d play Dallas in the first round.  That night, Dallas rested their stars.  They ultimately buried their own grave … and the rest was history, as Oracle Arena was explosive during that amazing first round series upset.

The Colts had a chance to eliminate the Jets from playoff contention in week 16.  They rested their stars.  Could this be a move that haunts them?  Could the 2010 Jets playoff team, be the NFL version of the 2007 Golden State Warriors playoff team?  I’m just saying …

In reality, I believe the Colts will win, but Reggie Wayne won’t have a big hand in it .. I wonder why?

While I wouldn't call Rivers Tony Romo ... he hasn't exactly delivered the goods when it's counted the most.

Once again, the sizzle has turn to frizzle come playoff time for the Chargers

With that said, the 2010 playoff Chargers continued to follow suit with past Charger teams, as they once again crashed into a brick wall, after riding their hot streak into the playoffs.  They are now infamous for this.  If they weren’t already.

So … my prediction for the Super Bowl now is … Saints.  Colts.  But now that both teams aren’t undefeated coming into the match, it lost some of its luster.  Oh well.

Wild Card Weekend


Well right on cue, all my NFL post-season predictions have gone the opposite of what I figured.  Please refer back to my earlier post a few months back.

The Jets defense did all the hard work, while Sánchez gets the girl.

In order of appearance, we begin with the New York “Football” Jets, and that impressive defense of theirs.  The media will always paint the quarterback’s as the darlings of the league, and no defensive unit in their right mind would want to be called the “darlings” but the Jets defense are.

Don’t get me wrong, Sánchez was big in the win, and by big, I mean he didn’t turn the ball over once.  But, with a running game as strong as the kind that the Jets pose, Sánchez had easy pickings with the play action.  Rex Ryan simply put Sánchez in a position to succeed.

But it was the Jets defense that impressed me.  Specifically Darrelle Revis.  I love Chad Ochocinco, and not just for his antics off the field, but because he’s a gamer, and he delivers big time performances.  But he was virtually a non-factor on Saturday.  Darrelle Revis was the reason.  When one player can take away the other team’s biggest receiving threat, it gives their defense such an advantage.

Look no further than the ’94 San Francisco 49ers, when “Prime Time” took away one side of the field for them.

With that said, look for the Jets fairy tale season and playoff run to end next weekend.  At least they erased the notion that they were unworthy to be in the playoffs anyway.

Tony Romo can't finally point to a playoff win.

On to Dallas and Tony Romo.  I’m not that impressed.  But he was able to take advantage of an over turned ruling on an interception in the first half, that might have changed the complextion of the game.

With that said.  Philly didn’t have any life in them.  They seemed disinterested in the game.  They were once the most exciting team in the NFL, and maybe even the hottest team going into the playoffs prior to the previous Dallas game to end the season.  But it was all an illusion, and Dallas saw through it.

I can’t really comment much on this game, because I felt highly disappointed.  I picked the Eagles to make the NFC title game, but I was obviously misguided by some late regular season magic.


Wow … just as I predicted the Ravens man-handled the Pats.  It started with the opening play, when Ray Rice gashed through a hole and took it 83 yards to pay dirt.  New England’s opening possession resulted in a Tom Brady fumble deep in Patriots territory, forced and recovered by Suggs.  The Ravens punched it in to the end zone again, and this game was pretty much over.

Rice has run by, around and through defenders all year. New England was no exception.

If the Ravens can somehow jump ahead in these games, that defense will take care of the rest.  It’s a big “if” though.

I couldn’t help but notice that Randy Moss seemed as if he gave up today …

Kurt Warner, the "ageless one" put on a show alongside Aaron Rodgers in what was the most exciting Wild Card game ever.

Green Bay/Arizona was one of the finest played games ever.  Too bad it was in the first round.  Purist might argue that neither of these teams played defense, but I happen to think there was no defense against either of these offenses.

After a shaky start that was reminiscent of the Baltimore/New England game, the Packers put themselves in a hole early.  One that was so deep, you thought it was pretty much impossible to make their way out of.  I was wrong, and Aaron Rodgers turned in the greatest performance by any Green Bay quarterback in a playoff game.  WOW.  That’s all I can say.  And Finley had himself a record day as well.  What a bright future Green Bay has, and more so than ever, it’s clear they made the right decision in going with Rodgers.

Kurt Warner was equally as brilliant.  This was a shoot out, and I loved watching every second of it.  After 3 relatively boring playoff games, I was so happy to have had the opportunity to enjoy the aerial display late Sunday afternoon.

It’s one of those games in which, there was no losing team  … one team simply ran out of time.

As I’m typing this Arizona misses the go ahead field goal with 11 seconds left … whoever wins between these two today, might use this momentum to propel them into the Super Bowl.

(This game’s heading into OT, wish they did CFB style OT in the NFL)

*** THIS JUST IN ***

Game ended on a fumble by Rodgers, recovered and taken into the end zone by Zona.  After all that offense, it’s some what poetic how the defense won the game for the Cards.

I’m 2-2 for the weekend.  Not bad.

Randomness & Sick :(

I’m not feeling too well, so hopefully writing a bunch of blurbs about all I can think of in the world of sports, will help get my mind off this runny nose, achy chest, and nauseous feeling.  Here we go. 

Is it just me ... or do you get a "Michael Scott" from The Office feel too, when you look at this pic?

Big news in the NFL.  Mike Shanahan is back, as he agrees to a 5 year deal with the Washington Redskins.  The Redskins were an absolute joke this past season, and if anyone can turn this franchise around, it should be Mike Shanahan.  I still believe Denver shafted Shanahan by firing him last season.  I thought he deserved the Bill Cowher treatment, meaning he would decide when his time was up in the Mile High.  It will be interesting to see how Shanahan will shake up the roster, because I have a feeling that he doesn’t believe in Jason Campbell much. 

Like Samson, Randy Johnson's power lies in his hair ...

Randy Johnson has called it a career.  22 illustrious seasons are now in the books, and what a career it was.  If I can only choose one word to sum up Randy Johnson’s pitching style, it would obviously be – power.  Or maybe slider.  Or perhaps “lefty” … yeah … definitely “lefty” … no-no-no, got it … MULLET

Pound for pound. 'Nuff said.

It looks as if the super-ultra-mega fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will no longer be.  Talks are as dead as a door knob, and there’s no sign of revival in sight.  *Sigh* this was going to be the fight that would return boxing to its glory days … Oh well.  I will still enjoy watching Pacquiao pummel who ever else there is left for him to pummel. 

Tim Tebow may not have ended his college career in story book fashion, but a BCS record in total yards in a game during the Sugar Bowl is definitely a nice consolation prize for him.  Good job Tebow, and I look forward to your translation into the pro game.  You have many doubters, but I am definitely not one of them. 

The Future

The Lakers, Nuggets, Celtics, Cavs and Magic are the cream of the crop in terms of championship contenders in the NBA.  You can throw in Atlanta, maybe.  But two upstart teams I would prefer not to run into come playoff time, are the Thunder, and the Grizzlies.  I really like the way the Thunder play, and how they’re built.  When Durant was a rookie, I drafted him with my 1st round pick in fantasy that year.  I know, I know, stupid move right?  But I believed he was going to be what he is today, but back then.  I was just a season and a half too early.  And how about the twin towers out in Memphis, with Zebo playing some highly inspired ball.  Pau Gasol is better than both Zebo and his Geico cave-man brother Marc, but I’d rather take the tandem of Zebo and Marc over Pau and Bynum any day.  Throw in Mayo, Gay and a Mike Conley who’s been playing better as of late, and I think Memphis is a team to be reckoned with if they can put it all together. 

Quick pick for the BCS title game.  Alabama … Saban … Ingram … champions.

2009 NFL Season For Me In A Nut Shell (Plus Welker, Ouch.)

Welker was the secret ingredient to the Patriots championship recipe. Unfortunately, New England will have to do without him.



Perhaps I jumped the gun on the whole “going for perfection” thing.  Wes Welker is lost for the post-season for the Pats, almost all but ending New England’s attempt to return to the top.  Tom Brady is amazing, but at this point in their careers, Wes Welker is equally important, if not more.  

What one bad cut will do to New England’s title hopes is huge.  Let me rephrase that.  What one bad cut did to New England’s title hopes was huge.  

On a side note, Roger Goodell was talking about rewarding teams who strive for perfection with perhaps a draft pick.  Interesting to see how that plays out.  

Play of the week:  *Sorry Chappy 😦  

Congratulations to Chris Johnson and his terrific season.  I hope he enjoys his MVP trophy.  If Vince Young could play this solid next season, watch out for the Titans.  

As for my 49ers … I’m OK with it.  I’m not necessarily happy with our .500 season, but I’m not too upset.  We dominated the division champs and proved we can play with the big boys (Vikings, Colts, etc.)  But we definitely under-achieved.  This team has the talent to make some noise, but not the direction.  And that’s not a knock on Coach Singletary or his style.  What he’s done with Vernon Davis and reviving Alex Smith’s career has been stupendous.  But what the Niners lack is a true identity on offense.  Are we a “smash-mouth” team who will pound Gore down your throat?  Or are we a spread offense?  Utilizing our skill positions in VD & Crabs (LOL), and not to mention Gore.  Gore can be solid as a Marshall Faulk type back, who has as big of an impact catching out of the backfield as he does running.  I do like where we’re going, and I do love our defense, which might even improve this draft. So Niner fans … Taylor Mays or Eric Berry?  I say Mays, but just my opinion. With all this being said, I look forward to the playoffs.  Should be fun.  A quick prediction.  Romo does a Romo repeat and chokes when Dallas hosts Philly in this upcoming weekends Wild Card match up.  Ravens take out the Pats minus Welker.  The Jets, who some what don’t deserve to be in the playoffs get ousted at Cincy.  And in the toughest match up of the Wild Card weekend, the Packers will take out Zona in a shoot out.  If Zona wins, watch out for them though.  They may rekindle some of last years magic.


Perhaps through no fault of his own, Manning laid an egg in the second half of yesterday's game against the Jets, thus ending perfection.

I haven’t written in my blog for quite some time, as I have been preoccupied with other things.  Being a grooms men at my good friend’s wedding, the holiday season, and of course looking for a damn job.  But what happened today in Indy was very disappointing.  Enough so for me to write a quick piece on it.

What the Colts had in front of them was a once in a lifetime opportunity to etch their names into the history of football greatness.  Every year there are champions.  But not every year are there undefeated ones.  Ask the 1972 Miami Dolphins, they love to remind you of their accomplishment.  I hate that, but until another team duplicates their efforts, they have every right to.

The Saints made no secrets about it.  They were going after it.  They ran into the unfortunate circumstance of perhaps running out of steam here in the latter stages of the season.  I commend their efforts.  But the Colts.  They pulled the plug on their desire to finish perfect, and I’m extremely upset at them because of that.  The Jets wouldn’t have been able to come within 13 points of a fully motivated Colts team.

I can only imagine how the Colts fans watching in the RCA Dome felt.  I’m a 49ers fan, yet I feel disgusted at what direction the Colts went.  You work hard to strive for perfection, any one will tell you that,  and the Colts were at the brink of achieving a tiny bit of it.  They’ll regret the decision to have their pursuit come to a halt.  Even if they win the Super Bowl this season, it will never equate.  I side with Hall of Famer Michael Irvin on this one … he’d trade all of his Super Bowl rings for one perfect season.  That’s how meaningful that accomplishment would be.  I have no Super Bowl rings to trade in, but trust me, it would be a no-brainer if that choice were presented to me.

Tebow On Sundays!

Tim Tebow won't get the ending he deserves in college, but hopefully he gets the beginning he deserves in the NFL ...

Real quick, I just wanted to vent … you know that I don’t have a chance at winning my fantasy football league, when my #1 & #2 picks this year were Brian Westbrook & Clinton Portis <— LOL at this!  Even in some miraculous way, I was able to trade Westbrook for Michael Turner, while Turner was performing horribly … Turner breaks loose for 2-3 weeks when I have him, but then sprains his ankle.  I give up.

Now, if anyone has read my blog, you might have read about how I’m a huge Tebow fan.  Needless to say, I was heart-broken yesterday, and the lingering effects of the Florida loss will stay with me for quite some time.  I was one of those guys who was hoping for the best for Tebow … the story book ending to a story book career.  Unfortunately for Florida, they weren’t as good as last year, and they finally got exploited for their weaknesses.  Alabama pounded them into submission, and dominated from start to finish.  Ingram had the game of his life, and definitely deserves at least a look at the Heisman.  So what’s next for Tebow?  Hopefully Florida recovers, and are able to send Tebow off in the fashion he deserves … with a big win.  Florida will likely be matched up against un-defeated Cincy in one of the BCS Bowl games, and Pike, Gilyard and co. are no push-overs.  But knowing Tebow, I expect him to drop one of his best performances to date in his Florida finale.

Tebow will not be the #1 pick in next year’s draft.  He most likely won’t go in the 1st round.  Unfortunately for Tebow, his handicaps at the position are looked at more stringently than with what he does that doesn’t show up on the score board.  He doesn’t have the strongest arm, he’s not accurate, he doesn’t have text-book form … etc. etc.  But I have stated time and time again, that none of that stuff matters.  Well, I won’t say it “doesn’t” matter, but give me a winner!  Give me a leader!  Give me someone I could look to, and turn to when we need him the most.  I’m telling you now, Tebow will be the next Tom Brady, not in the sense of his abilities, but in that leadership role.  You can’t measure “passion” for competing, or taking on challenges, and these are the attributes that determine “greatness” …

I know there are twice as many Tebow haters out there, than there are those who cheer for him … but trust me … you want him on your team playing Sundays.  Who will be so lucky?