Bad Girlfriend Injuries (Nagging)

They should rename this injury to Oucher Ouchy Itis

Plantar Faciitis

Upon reading the definition of this condition, I was able to see how much of a nuisance this injury could be.  The main problem with having plantar faciitis, is that it’s usually not bad enough to force you to miss significant game time.  So what happens, is that you end up playing with pain.  Continuous pressure applied to the foot diagnosed with the condition can lead to more serious effects on the body, including major knee problems.

Basically, plantar faciitis in a nut shell, is an injury (sometimes slight tear) to the fascia, which is a thick band of tissue originating from the heel bone, but extends along the sole of the foot towards the five toes.

Although I mentioned how players usually play with and through the pain due to the injury on their foot, there are instances where the pain is too intense that the players may miss a few games.  Or their performance is effected immensely.

I have a few players on my fantasy basketball roster with this condition.  Sucks.

That doesn't look right ... does it?

Turf Toe

It’s not a surprise that some of the most nagging injuries in sports, are pin pointed to the feet.  What turf toe essentially is … is when your toe bends up (ouch).  This usually happens in football, and on artificial turf, because your shoe sticks to the ground which forces your body weight to go forward, bending your toe up (once again, ouch).

This injury used to be similar to plantar faciitis, in the sense of being expected to play through the discomfort.  Unfortunately, many players who tried to perform on a turf toe, performed horribly.  The injury obviously hindered their ability to do any athletic movements, and they risked further injury.  The negative impact on having an athlete active on turf toe is big.  Usually the opposing team can sense the injured player’s weakness, and exploit it.

More recently, players who suffer from turf toe simply do not play.  They rest and heal.  Sometimes the injury can take a long time to recover from though, so despite how insignificant “turf toe” sounds, it’s the real deal in terms of meaningful injuries.


3 responses to “Bad Girlfriend Injuries (Nagging)

  1. This is the one injury that an NFL player ,especially those in the skilled positions just don’t want to have happen to them. It’s the sort of injury that they can well do without.

    Alan Parkins

  2. Yeah “turf toe” is a killer … I used to be one of those guys who would laugh at a player who sat out due to “turf toe”

    But I’ve gone through a few foot injuries myself, and although they were discomforting, I know they weren’t as bad as turf toe.

    It’s like the silent killer of injuries.

  3. sportsguyby

    Any one of those injuries can turn a grown man into a baby.

    Having practiced martial arts from an early age and then teaching it to members of the military when I was in the service. I can tell you I saw my fair share of injuries and guys squealing as if they’d been beaten by a parent , merely because of injury an ankle or some other part of their feet.

    Dropped this on the Mavs’ meltdown against the Trailblazers.

    If Andre Miller Can Drop 50+ On Your A-s What Does That Say About You As A Team ? Answer The Dallas Mavericks Aren’t A Team ………….!

    Alan Parkins


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