2010 NBA All-Star Selections

The All-Star reserves were announced yesterday, and I just want to throw in my two cents.

My immediate reaction.  Iverson cost a worthy candidate a spot.  There were three definite snubs, and we’ll get to that in a short bit, but if Iverson gave up his spot, or some how was not allowed to be voted for, than there would be only two snubs.  Two is better than three.

Remember when Boston wanted to get rid of this guy? Good thing they didn't.

Let’s start with the East.  Real quick, Rajon Rondo and Gerald Wallace definitely deserve their first All-Star nods, both players have quietly molded themselves into great players, the best players on their teams in fact.  Yes, that includes Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Stephen Jackson.  If you take both Rondo and Wallace out of the equation, imagine how the Celtics and Bobcats would run.  Yes the Celtics would still have a winning record, but without him, I dare say they wouldn’t be “elite“.  Rajon Rondo has turned himself into “BabyJason Kidd minus the 3’s.  Kidd is a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Hard to believe it's Wallace's 9th NBA season. He's finally carved a name for himself out in Charlotte.

Although I can't argue against his selection, I must say, there were others ...

I’m not quite sold on Derrick Rose being an All-Star (I think this is what got him in).  Yes, he’s had one fine month in January, but he was playing mediocre basketball for the first two months of the season.  He was the right choice considering the All-Star roster format, which brings me to another topic.  Change that format.  I honestly would have chosen Joakim Noah over Rose if the East were allowed to load up on 4’s and 5’s.  Noah should have made it over Al HorfordDavid Lee should have made it over both of them.  Yes winning has a lot to do with it, but it’s not like David Lee is out there just playing for stats.  If you watch this guy play, you can see, he’s playing hard and trying everything he can in order to help his team win.  That’s enough for me.

He sacrificed taking 3's for the betterment of his team. His team is currently the 3rd best team in the conference. He's putting up amazing numbers. Why is he not an All-Star?

Josh Smith should have made it over Horford.  Actually, take out the All-Star roster format, put Josh Smith over Iverson, and Joakim Noah over Al Horford.  I have both Smith and Noah on my fantasy team, and I can tell you first hand that they deserve spots.  Actually, keep Horford in, and take Garnett out.  Start Josh Smith at the 4.  Yes I said it, and I will repeat it.  Garnett doesn’t deserve to be an All-Star this year.  What’s supposed to happen, is that fans vote in a player to start based on the season they’re having.  Garnett was not having a stellar season, and on top of that, he missed some games due to injury.  I love Garnett, and I have no doubt that he’ll finish the second half of the season strong, but he doesn’t deserve his spot.  Not over Josh Smith.  Not this season.

There's "NOAH" way Joakim should not be an All-Star!

D-Will high-dribbled his way to his first selection.

To the West.  Not as much drama.  I can’t believe this is Deron Williams first bid.  Although Chris Paul (in my opinion) is the better of the two, Deron Williams is only a step or two behind.  How he hasn’t been an All-Star at his level of play is quite shocking.  Well that is no longer the case.  Zach Randolph deserved a spot.  He’s been playing great basketball all year, and he might be the biggest reason why Memphis is in the hunt for a playoff birth.

Monta's not in!?!? I'm not watching.

The only player I might question in deserving a spot in the West, is Brandon Roy.  He kind of falls into the Derrick Rose mix, he’s played well as of late (prior to his hamstring injury) but started the season out average.  I guess both he and LaMarcus Aldridge have done all that they can in keeping the Blazers afloat while they go through injury after injury, but Monta Ellis has done the same for the Warriors.  I can’t count how many D-League call ups the Warriors have had this season due to injury on one hand!  And unlike Brandon Roy, Monta Ellis was doing it up since the season began.  Yes, I am being biased, I will admit to it, but outside of the records of the teams these two play for, you tell me who’s more deserving?  Ellis averages are better in points, assists and steals.  I’m just saying.

Other than that, I have no major gripes with the remainder of the selections.  Congrats to Durantula too!  He is what I like to call, “Dope Sauce“.  I must say I don’t appreciate the All-Star game falling on Valentine’s Day though.  That’s probably not the NBA‘s fault, but because of the occasion, I give myself a 7.5% chance of being able to watch this game.  Oh well, it’s usually a boring game until the last 5 minutes, when all the players start to sniff the bigger bonus dealt to the winners.


16 responses to “2010 NBA All-Star Selections

  1. sportsguyby

    When it’s left to the fans to make the decisions as to who’s in and who’s out. Then you can understand that the selection process has about as much veracity as the voting that takes place on American Idol.

    In essence it becomes about seeing the fan favorites rather than a player achieving the accolade according the body of his work up to that specific point of the season.

    Personally, I think the choices should be left in the hands of the players and coaches of the NBA . As they’re far more insightful than the vast majority of the fans who even watch the game.

    Stern and the NBA’s hierarchy really do need to change the process, as it lacks credibility.

    Alan Parkins

  2. I wouldn’t say disregard the fan vote in general, as the fans are what makes the NBA, the NFL, or any sport for that matter, but there should be new guidelines definitely. I can’t argue with Garnett getting in (despite his numbers or lack there of) but Iverson in the All-Star game is a joke. McGrady getting close to starting was a joke.

    I understand that it’s a popularity contest, but perhaps the NBA can change it to where the balloting doesn’t include the names of those not worthy.

  3. sportsguyby

    If the fans are to be a part of the process then let it be in a somewhat diminished role as to their votes. Let them choose who the reserves ought to be , rather than the full blown makeup of the roster of both conferences.

    It’s ‘asinine’ that McGrady and Iverson were even part of the mix altogether . And you’re suggesting that the fans know what they’re doing. That’s like having a plumber perform cardio-thoracic surgery . He’s in no way skilled enough to perform such a feat and neither are the fans in general.

    Alan Parkins aka tophatal

  4. One thing I think I disagree on is Roy. He’s a deserved choice. At the beginning of the year they really only needed him as a closer in the 4th. Now with all the injuries, they need him to be “the man” and he’s been doing well in both roles. Unfortunately for his stats at the beginning of the year they blew out a lot of teams… Ok, so I have a mini mancrush on him that’s why I know why his early numbers weren’t all that great 🙂

    I agree though, there were more deserved players than Horford. He’s not even having a career year…

  5. chappy

    The none knowledgeable fans wouldn’t know Brandon Roy from a hole in the ground . But yet Stern sees no need to change the process . That’s why in my mind he lacks credibility !

    Alan Parkins

  6. The non-knowledgeable fan wouldn’t know Monta Ellis, and he definitely deserves a spot. But Chappy, you’re right, there’s more to it than just numbers and Roy is a star who despite his recent injuries, has been delivering for the Blazers.

    I guess I just picked on him because the West is stacked at the guard position as always, and I don’t know if Monta will ever get a chance to play in the All-Star game 😦

  7. sportsguyby

    The NBA and its ‘hierarchy’ really needs to take a long hard look at how it goes about the process. Like I said when it bears resemblance to American Idol , you essentially know there’s something wrong to begin with.

    And all this crap about the fans making the NBA. What makes the NBA is money plain and simple Without that the game doesn’t exist. It begats everything to do with the game !

    Alan Parkins

  8. Exactly, where does the NBA plan on making this money? All the owners aren’t buying teams, spending money on creating merchandise, building stadiums and paying players for their own amusement. It’s the fans that fatten the pockets of all involved. If we are not pleased, they are not payed. Imagine what would happen if we the fans stopped paying attention to basketball …

    I would hardly say it’s “crap” to consider the fans an important part of the NBA. It’s like saying the importance of customers to the Starbuck’s franchise is “crap.”

    The NBA doesn’t have a magic money tree, they need fans to make this money. The NBA is a business, and we are the customers. If the NBA neglected it’s customers, it would go out of business.

    Look at the XFL. No fans. No business. Plain and simple.

  9. sportsguyby

    You’re not thinking this through . In large part the NBA get the major part of its revenues through the broadscast rights and the selling of its merchandize internationally. It’s an $8.6 billion a year business.

    Do you honestly think that Stern is worried if the say 30,000 don’t show up for the entire roster of league games over the course of a season ?

    Dropped this piece on the Mavericks having their a_s handed to them by Andre Miller and the Trailblazers. In order to view just click on the link provided.

    If Andre Miller Can Drop 50+ On Your A-s What Does That Say About You As A Team ? Answer The Dallas Mavericks Aren’t A Team ………….!

    Alan Parkins aka tophatal ………..

  10. I am thinking this through, but you are just disregarding some of the points I’ve made.

    Let’s go over some of your points and I’ll counter them:

    “The NBA gets the major part of its revenue through the broadcast rights …”

    Sure they do, but if the fans decided tomorrow that they never want to watch an NBA game on TV again, do you think the NBA would continue to be broadcast? No. Ratings are vital. Fans make ratings. Think of it as a failed sitcom, if the fans aren’t watching, the network cancels it. Now, if the NBA was off air, would it be safe to say they lose money? I would think the NBA cares about it’s fans regardless if they just see us as individual dollar signs. They do understand our importance.

    I’ll go back to the XFL. Remember when it first started? There was a bit of a buzz surrounding this new league. Their games were televised, but the fans didn’t enjoy it. Next thing you know, they were off air. It didn’t take long for the league to bottom-up after.

    Look how much the UFC has grown since it’s inception years back. They don’t grow without the fans they’ve developed along the way.

    “… and selling merchandise internationally …”

    Yes they do make a boat load of money through merchandise both at home and over seas … but it’s no different internationally than it is here in the U.S. The “fans” are buying these NBA products. What happens if we stop purchasing? They stop making profit. Even if just 1/2 the fans around the world stopped buying NBA related items, I would think the NBA would feel that pinch.

    If you made money baking cookies and selling them, and you had plenty of customers purchasing them, but once in awhile they would have a complaint or perhaps a suggestion, would your initial thought be “You are not important to my business”

    Now, repeat this with each and every customer. Because this is how you’re making the NBA seem, in reference to their fan appreciation.

    You can’t shun the fans and state that they are not important to the NBA. The NBA is a business. It’s not just entertainment. And from what I understand about business, you’re usually in it to make money. Fans = money.

  11. sportsguyby

    And in all honesty what proportion of the fans are actually going to retreat and stop going to the games ? That’s the point I’m making. Now you answer me that question ? It’s not as if we’re talking labor dispute and the NBA and NBAPA have ran afoul of the fans.

    So again I ask you what proportion of the fans will just stop going to the games ? You can’t just generalize by making a statement and then have no factual evidence. In essence that’s the sort of evidence one would expect from a member of Congress. They don’t always deal in reality , merely just platitudes .

    Alan Parkins

  12. sportsguy

    The NBA will always make money with or without the fans. Why do you think that they’re granted anti trust exemption to begin with ?

    Alan Parkins

  13. No the point you were making was that the NBA wasn’t worried about not selling out the arenas, because they don’t need fans …

    Here read this:

    “Do you honestly think that Stern is worried if the say 30,000 don’t show up for the entire roster of league games over the course of a season ?”

    That’s you. I copied and pasted it.

    Are you serious? Of course he’s concerned. Teams get moved to new cities because of this.

    You also stated:

    “And all this crap about the fans making the NBA. What makes the NBA is money plain and simple Without that the game doesn’t exist. It begats everything to do with the game !”

    Once again, copied and pasted.

    And now this:

    “The NBA will always make money with or without the fans.”

    My argument is that the NBA won’t make money without it’s fans.

    Your whole argument is that the NBA doesn’t need it’s fans, avid or casual. That they will continue to be successful without us.

    My argument is the opposite of that. My facts, my evidence? The XFL.

    And now you’ve changed your tune. You just said this:

    “And in all honesty what proportion of the fans are actually going to retreat and stop going to the games ? That’s the point I’m making.”

    But that contradicts the point I quoted above this one. You’ve been arguing that the NBA does not need fans. I’m arguing that it does.

    Why would you even ask this question if you think the fans are unimportant?

    Of course the fans of the NBA won’t stop watching/attending the games. And the NBA and their PR’s are going to keep fans involved to make sure that we’re happy with their product.

    At this point, I can’t really argue anymore because some of your points have shifted.

    I’ve used facts in comparison several times. In honor of the Grammy’s, think of the NBA as a record label and all the players their artists. If the artists aren’t making music that captures fans, sells records, packs stadiums, etc. Would that label still be able to support itself?

    Once again, yes … the fans aren’t going to turn their backs on the NBA all at once, this is all in theory. But I dare the NBA to make a public announcement stating that they don’t care about the fans. That they would be just fine if we didn’t support them in every possible way. That the NBA will continue to make the same amount of money without our support.

    Just see what would happen.

    I’m not sure you are seeing any of my points here, so I’ll just leave it at that. But I appreciate the good old fashion debate on this one.

  14. sportsguyby

    That’s meant to be a broad based statement covering the entire NBA schedule. How many fans do you think go to a game over the entire season ? 30,000 is a mere pittance in the broad based picture.

    The teams that are struggling at present are teams such as the Kings and the Magic. The Maloofs have to deal with the city of Sacramento at present and the Maloof’s wish to upgrade the facility or have a new one built at the taxpayers’ expense.

    And oh by the way were you aware that the NBA has had its own bailout to the tune of $250 million last year that was shared between 16 teams ? Not money that Stern could’ve taken from their vast treasure chest . But money that they borrowed from the banks. And we wonder why the economy is so fu_ked up ? If the banks are now only prepared to lend to the fat cats then what chance is there for the small businesses up and down the country ?

    And in the case of the Magic they haven’t had a sellout for almost 18 months. And that includes their appearance in last season’s NBA Finals.

    Alan Parkins

  15. I hate to be the little kid walking in in the middle of the movie asking what’s happening, but you guys have quite a debate going. Forgive me if you guys have corrected this, but I have to point out that the FANS DO NOT SELECT RESERVES. They are picked by the respective coaches of each conference’s all-star team.
    By, I don’t disagree with anything you said in the original post. I was going to do a similar one, but I think I’ll just post a link to yours.

  16. What’s up mceezy!

    I’m aware that the fans only select the starters, I just felt that despite the Iverson/McGrady debacle, the NBA shouldn’t remove fan votes from the All-Star game in general.

    I just felt that the fans should be involved one way or another, because they are indeed an important aspect of the NBA game.

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