Super Bowl Shoot Out!

If you can't get excited for this, don't watch American Football!

Well, for most neutral fans, this is the Super Bowl we wanted … granted neither team is undefeated which was a possibility but only a few weeks ago, it’s still set up to be an exciting match up.  Man, just imagine how high the stakes would be, if one team were guaranteed perfection as a result of the outcome of the game, but both were perfect leading into the game.  I better stop now, because it upsets me to think about it (Indy).

Indy did exact the revenge that we all knew they would have, but hats off to the Jets.  They came in, punched the Colts in the mouth, but unfortunately they only had one hit in ’em.  The Vikings, behind Brett “The Diva” Favre gave a valiant effort in New Orléans, but sometimes you can’t go up against destiny.  Favre’s miracle season wasn’t what I was referring to, as he left the field the same way he left Lambeau against the Giants in an NFC title games a few years back.  He left after seeing his last throw essentially cost his team a trip to the Super Bowl.  Retire now.

Reggie Bush has made the leap into stardom in these playoffs

It’s interesting to see how they’re going to build the hype-train up for this game.  They of course meaning the media.  Usually it’s easy.  David versus Goliath.  The good guys versus the bad guys.  This time is different.  I think both teams having so many likable characters, makes it so that there’s no villain.  You kind of see yourself rooting for both teams, as long as they’re not playing your team.  So who do we root for now?

Both teams finished the season short of perfect, although the Colts did it by choice.  Both teams have marquee quarterback’s and high-powered offenses.  Both teams play a brand of football that’s pleasing to the eyes.  They’re almost identical in all aspects of likability.  So who do we root for now?  Reportedly the Colts are 3.5 favorites as of now, but who knows what the number will be two weeks from now.  I suggest even closer to even money.  Which basically means, this match up is even.  No one can tell who the stronger team is, really …

Reggie Wayne was under rated for so long, but he's proven to be the man for so many years already

Reggie Wayne used to be so under rated, but he's always been "The Man."

This is one of those rare matches, where I honestly don’t care who wins.  I like both teams.  I might favor the Saints a little more because of what New Orléans has been through as a city over the last five years … so I feel they deserve to celebrate something.  I’d like to see Brees get a ring, but I don’t want to see Peyton lose … I’m pulling for Reggie Bush, but I love Reggie Wayne.  So who do we root for now?

I guess all I can hope for, is that this game turns out to be what we all anticipate.  A slug fest.  A shoot out.  An all out exhibition of blood, sweat and tears … basically a hell of a game!  I look forward to February 7th.  The match up in itself is all the hype needed to promote this fight.


2 responses to “Super Bowl Shoot Out!

  1. Favre has proven that he can be both Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. Thankfully he cost his team a trip to the Superbowl .

    Alan Parkins

  2. Yeah, this is a weird one. I don’t think I’ve ever been this impartial on who wins the SB as I am this year. I guess I’d rather see the Saints win, but if they didn’t I don’t think it would make me mad. I’m wondering what the final spread will be? Will it be the first pickem game ie. nobody’s favored? Probably not, because it’s 5.5 at the moment, but I think it shouldn’t be more than 1.5 either way… I’m with you I guess, let’s hope for one hell of a game!

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