Wild Card Weekend


Well right on cue, all my NFL post-season predictions have gone the opposite of what I figured.  Please refer back to my earlier post a few months back.

The Jets defense did all the hard work, while Sánchez gets the girl.

In order of appearance, we begin with the New York “Football” Jets, and that impressive defense of theirs.  The media will always paint the quarterback’s as the darlings of the league, and no defensive unit in their right mind would want to be called the “darlings” but the Jets defense are.

Don’t get me wrong, Sánchez was big in the win, and by big, I mean he didn’t turn the ball over once.  But, with a running game as strong as the kind that the Jets pose, Sánchez had easy pickings with the play action.  Rex Ryan simply put Sánchez in a position to succeed.

But it was the Jets defense that impressed me.  Specifically Darrelle Revis.  I love Chad Ochocinco, and not just for his antics off the field, but because he’s a gamer, and he delivers big time performances.  But he was virtually a non-factor on Saturday.  Darrelle Revis was the reason.  When one player can take away the other team’s biggest receiving threat, it gives their defense such an advantage.

Look no further than the ’94 San Francisco 49ers, when “Prime Time” took away one side of the field for them.

With that said, look for the Jets fairy tale season and playoff run to end next weekend.  At least they erased the notion that they were unworthy to be in the playoffs anyway.

Tony Romo can't finally point to a playoff win.

On to Dallas and Tony Romo.  I’m not that impressed.  But he was able to take advantage of an over turned ruling on an interception in the first half, that might have changed the complextion of the game.

With that said.  Philly didn’t have any life in them.  They seemed disinterested in the game.  They were once the most exciting team in the NFL, and maybe even the hottest team going into the playoffs prior to the previous Dallas game to end the season.  But it was all an illusion, and Dallas saw through it.

I can’t really comment much on this game, because I felt highly disappointed.  I picked the Eagles to make the NFC title game, but I was obviously misguided by some late regular season magic.


Wow … just as I predicted the Ravens man-handled the Pats.  It started with the opening play, when Ray Rice gashed through a hole and took it 83 yards to pay dirt.  New England’s opening possession resulted in a Tom Brady fumble deep in Patriots territory, forced and recovered by Suggs.  The Ravens punched it in to the end zone again, and this game was pretty much over.

Rice has run by, around and through defenders all year. New England was no exception.

If the Ravens can somehow jump ahead in these games, that defense will take care of the rest.  It’s a big “if” though.

I couldn’t help but notice that Randy Moss seemed as if he gave up today …

Kurt Warner, the "ageless one" put on a show alongside Aaron Rodgers in what was the most exciting Wild Card game ever.

Green Bay/Arizona was one of the finest played games ever.  Too bad it was in the first round.  Purist might argue that neither of these teams played defense, but I happen to think there was no defense against either of these offenses.

After a shaky start that was reminiscent of the Baltimore/New England game, the Packers put themselves in a hole early.  One that was so deep, you thought it was pretty much impossible to make their way out of.  I was wrong, and Aaron Rodgers turned in the greatest performance by any Green Bay quarterback in a playoff game.  WOW.  That’s all I can say.  And Finley had himself a record day as well.  What a bright future Green Bay has, and more so than ever, it’s clear they made the right decision in going with Rodgers.

Kurt Warner was equally as brilliant.  This was a shoot out, and I loved watching every second of it.  After 3 relatively boring playoff games, I was so happy to have had the opportunity to enjoy the aerial display late Sunday afternoon.

It’s one of those games in which, there was no losing team  … one team simply ran out of time.

As I’m typing this Arizona misses the go ahead field goal with 11 seconds left … whoever wins between these two today, might use this momentum to propel them into the Super Bowl.

(This game’s heading into OT, wish they did CFB style OT in the NFL)

*** THIS JUST IN ***

Game ended on a fumble by Rodgers, recovered and taken into the end zone by Zona.  After all that offense, it’s some what poetic how the defense won the game for the Cards.

I’m 2-2 for the weekend.  Not bad.


5 responses to “Wild Card Weekend

  1. Well, you did better than me in the predictions! I went 1-3. I really thought the games would be a lot closer, but in the end it was kind of a disappointing weekend! Oh well, hopefully the divisional round will turn out better!

    I was just thinking how weird it would be if Warner and Favre faced off in the NFC Championship game. A battle of the grey hairs! I’m kind of rooting for it even though I’d rather see the Saints win this coming week…

  2. I was thinking about that too, a re-match of the old timers … but you’re right, I’d much prefer the Saints to the Cards.

    Who you got in the AFC? I think San Diego is going to take it, especially with how the Colts ended the season. I won’t be surprised if the Ravens beat the Colts this coming weekend, they had them earlier in the season.

  3. Wish the Cardinals could have put up more of a fight. But, they had maxed out their card with that win last week at home. It’s no different than the regular season, they were due for a let down.

  4. Yes I was thinking that too, A.J. If you skim through my NFC West Predictions back when the season first started, I predicted the Cards to win the division and that’s about it. They managed to partake in an epic game with Green Bay, but this was their destiny in my eyes. With Warner pondering retirement, who knows how the Cards will respond next season.

  5. Oh and thank you very much for leaving a comment A.J.

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