Fantasy Byron Ball

I just want to take a moment to let everyone know that I currently stand in first place in both of my fantasy basketball leagues.  I don’t expect that to be the case for the entire season, but I do intend on winning them both.

In one league, my team “Paranormal Activity” has been in the top two since the season began, and it looks as if only one other team even remotely poses a threat to me.  That would be “Foyled Again.”  I beat him two weeks ago.  That league is called the Realest Basketball League.

But the more important league to me, “ThE KiNgS Of ThE YaY III” in which I have appropriately named my team “Defending Champ” (b/c I won ThE KiNgS Of ThE YaY II) I have finally wrestled back first place.  This league is competitive throughout, and it wouldn’t surprise me if 7th place moved to 3rd place within the span of two weeks.

Big match up this week though.  I face the #2 team, and a good one at that.  I do have one advantage, as the “Thrillas from Manila” will be missing good production from Anthony Randolph this week.  Perfect timing for me.

With that said, I feel confident in the way I built my team (even w/o Arenas) and I am hoping A.J. Price eventually takes over the point in Indiana.  I picked him up off the waiver with the advice of my buddy Leets.  Kid’s got potential.

If anyone wants to give me fantasy advice, feel free to chime in!  Thanks.


2 responses to “Fantasy Byron Ball

  1. I’d probably have some advice if I knew what you were looking for or categories you are weak in 🙂

    Are they keeper leagues?

  2. What’s going on By!?! We’re doing a live blog tomorrow for the Vikings and Cowboys game. We’ll have a link up for the chat room just like the last one! It would be great if you could make it, we always like your comments!

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