Smells Like Curry

Don’t know who’s been reading my blog, but thank you!  I know my usuals, but I’ve gotten a substantial increase in views (for my standards) and it makes me really happy 🙂 Please keep reading, and leave comments! 

 Anyway, on to what we’re all here for … my unreliable take on sports.  

The sweetest J period.

Can I go out on a limb here and say that Stephen Curry has slowly but surely made himself the front-runner for the ROY award?  And he’s done this all so quietly.Let’s look at your other options.  Brandon Jennings.  He definitely started off the hottest, but he’s cooled off considerably since his initial splash.  Dropping double nickles on Golden State and the aforementioned Stephen Curry also created a huge buzz for Jennings, and rightfully so.  He’s lightning quick and can score in bunches.  As I’ve posted in the past, he’s the new Allen Iverson, but one who actually passes.  He’s averaged 6 assists per game this season, not too shabby for the rook.  But, Jennings has slightly fallen off the radar, and his shooting percentages continuously declines with each passing game.  

Tyreke Evans.  Now in most people’s books, this is the guy.  I don’t blame you for thinking that way either.  He reminds me of Derrick Rose, but perhaps even better.  He is the definition of a combo guard, and if you think about it, he puts up numbers similar to D-Wade.  That’s a huge compliment, being compared to Wade.  Hell, Evans could even be a mini-LeBron if you think about it.  He’s hovering around 20 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, and 1.5 steals per game.  And because he attacks the rim so hard, and so often, he creates a lot opportunity for something positive on almost every offensive possession. 

 But, he’s doing this all without Sac’s main guy, Kevin Martin.  Tyreke Evans will still produce solid numbers, but the “star” numbers he’s producing now will most definitely drop.  Martin scored 30 + points per game in his 4 outings before fracturing his wrist, and there’s no reason for anyone to believe that he won’t pick up where he left off upon his return.  So unless Evans transforms from a combo guard to a pure point guard, he’ll definitely be effected by this.

Which brings us to Stephen Curry.  He’s played solid throughout the season thus far, in the midst of all the turmoil that is the Golden State Warriors.  He’s already dealt with controversy among his team mates, and has shrugged it off, and stayed positive and professional.  He is finally getting a bit of recognition, in which he deserves.  Unlike Evans, Stephen Curry can play the role of “true” point guard, and he plays it so well.  His transition from being the only scoring option at Davidson, to the lead distributor in Golden State has been effortless.  Some people just see the game in a different light, and can adapt to what ever role is given to them.  Curry, is one of those guys.  I know what people are thinking, Evans averages more assists than Curry right now … yes, for now.  Curry will surpass Evans in assists after the All-Star break.  Curry has in my opinion, the prettiest, most textbook looking shot in the NBA.  I drool over his jump shot.  For a little guy, with seemingly no athletic ability, he’s able to get his shot off with so much ease and rhythm.  It is truly a thing of beauty to watch.  And he finally feels comfortable with his shot, and the Warriors do too.  Curry has let it fly more often than not as of late, even going 6/6 from down town against the Nuggets a few nights back. 

 (By the way, the refs gift-wrapped that game for Denver)

What’s impressive about what Curry did that night, was he didn’t take a single shot in the 3rd quarter, after barely touching rim in the first half.  He didn’t feel the need to try to continue to light it up.  He knew his shot was good, and he just stayed patient and let the game come to him.  More than ever he reminds me of Steve Nash in how he approaches the game.  As a Warrior fan, I’ll take a young Steve Nash in the making any day. 

Finally, he’s doing this right beside Monta Ellis.  If Curry was thrusted into a situation in which he had to be the player he was in Davidson, everyone would be talking about Curry right now.  He would be the odds on favorite to win the ROY award.  But because his job is to orchestrate the Warriors offense, and not explode for big scoring nights, he’s not mentioned with the Evans or Jennings.

I knew Curry could score.  I knew he was going to be an under-rated passer coming into the league.  Curry can dish ’em out with the best of them, and people are starting to take notice.  What I didn’t know was, he could play solid defense utilizing his quick hands (1.9 steals per game) and I didn’t know he had such ball handling skills.  He’s pretty damn sick with the rock in his hands.  He’s calm, composed, and driven.  I can’t wait to see where Curry takes us in years to come.

I was at this game!


One response to “Smells Like Curry

  1. Curry has been playing some ball lately. He got benched and barely played for a few games, and now that he’s back in the lineup it woke him up. I’ve got more respect for Maggette right now than I ever have since he’s been on the dubs.

    I don’t think Curry is ROY yet, Tyreke is just too good. If Curry keeps improving it could close the gap, but Tyreke would have to fall off quite a bit…

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