Gil-bad Arenas

Apparently Gil was planning to shoot more than basketballs in an NBA arena ... hopefully it's not true.

If Gilbert Arenas wasn’t an integral part of my fantasy team, I would suggest for David Stern to drop the hammer on his possible, if not inevitable suspension.  But since I need his 23 points, 7 assists and 1.3 steals per game … please no more than 10 games.

In terms of Arenas and his production after this boils over, there’s two possible scenarios, and I’ll hope for the latter.  One, the public scrutiny and back lash will wear down on Arenas, who I believe will turn 28 tomorrow, and he will let it affect his play and eventually fade into obscurity.  Or two, Arenas will realize that it’s a privilege to be playing professional basketball, not to mention getting paid tons of money to do so, and will make use of his second chance and come out on the positive end of the stick.  He will dominate the hard wood like he’s done in the past, and he will discontinue his negative influence on the Wizards organization as a whole. 

This is all pending the jail time he might face (he won’t) or if he’ll even play again this season (he will) and avoid a heavy suspension.  What’s intriguing to me, is the sudden change of explanation to why the guns were stored in the locker room in the first place.  I first read that it was because he (finally) decided that he didn’t want guns in his house in lue of the birth of his third child.  Now I read that he stored the guns in the locker room to play a practical joke on a team-mate … ?  What?  Did that joke involve team-mate Javaris Crittenton and making a funny gesture to pretend to shoot him? 

What sucks for the Wizards, is even if they try to terminate Gil’s enormous, Tyrannosaurus Rex size contract, the players union will fight it.  The projected outcome is, the Wizards are going to have to roll with Arenas.  Like it or not.  And trust me … for the Wizards, it’s not.

Like I stated, if Arenas wasn’t on my fantasy squad, I’d be in favor of a severe punishment by Stern.  Arenas lost brownie points with me when he upped and left the Golden State Warriors to play in the nation’s capitol.  I don’t blame him for taking the money.  Hell I would do it too.  But you can’t blame me for having a biased opinion on the subject.  I’m a Warriors fan.  So in a sense, this is retribution for me.

But this goes beyond fan loyalty.  As much as I hate athletes who do stupid things, I hate athletes who get away with doing stupid things that much more.  Who do these people think they are some times?  Illegal dog fighting, alleged rape, murder?  As much as I look up to most of these guys, I frown down on a lot as well.  Now everyone deserves a second chance, not just in sports or entertainment, but all us regular folk too.  We all make mistakes, and hopefully we learn from it.  But as many of mistakes as I’ve made in the past, I guarantee you one thing, none of them cost me millions of dollars.  I just can’t fathom how anyone could be that foolish.  That careless.  And if turns out that Arenas did pull a gun on his team-mate, then he should damn well be punished for it.

With all this being said, I feel that Gil won’t be punished too severely by the NBA (if he’s cleared of drawing the weapon).  As much as Stern states he’s strict on “gun rules” … Delonte West rode around on his motor cycle with what, an Uzi strapped to his back?  Last I checked, he averaged 10 ppg for the Cavs last month.  That’ll show him Stern!  Funny thing is, I have West on my fantasy squad too.

*I note that the athlete who participated in illegal dog fighting didn’t get away with it … but still.  At least it seems as if he’s learned from his mistake, hopefully Arenas does the same.  He’s actually a funny guy.


One response to “Gil-bad Arenas

  1. Haha, Dyslecix has him in our fantasy league! I think he’s getting a Spreewell like hammer. I liked the pre-game when he shot his teamates. I thought it was funny no matter what people think!

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