2009 NFL Season For Me In A Nut Shell (Plus Welker, Ouch.)

Welker was the secret ingredient to the Patriots championship recipe. Unfortunately, New England will have to do without him.



Perhaps I jumped the gun on the whole “going for perfection” thing.  Wes Welker is lost for the post-season for the Pats, almost all but ending New England’s attempt to return to the top.  Tom Brady is amazing, but at this point in their careers, Wes Welker is equally important, if not more.  

What one bad cut will do to New England’s title hopes is huge.  Let me rephrase that.  What one bad cut did to New England’s title hopes was huge.  

On a side note, Roger Goodell was talking about rewarding teams who strive for perfection with perhaps a draft pick.  Interesting to see how that plays out.  

Play of the week:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrs8ppgpbNo  *Sorry Chappy 😦  

Congratulations to Chris Johnson and his terrific season.  I hope he enjoys his MVP trophy.  If Vince Young could play this solid next season, watch out for the Titans.  

As for my 49ers … I’m OK with it.  I’m not necessarily happy with our .500 season, but I’m not too upset.  We dominated the division champs and proved we can play with the big boys (Vikings, Colts, etc.)  But we definitely under-achieved.  This team has the talent to make some noise, but not the direction.  And that’s not a knock on Coach Singletary or his style.  What he’s done with Vernon Davis and reviving Alex Smith’s career has been stupendous.  But what the Niners lack is a true identity on offense.  Are we a “smash-mouth” team who will pound Gore down your throat?  Or are we a spread offense?  Utilizing our skill positions in VD & Crabs (LOL), and not to mention Gore.  Gore can be solid as a Marshall Faulk type back, who has as big of an impact catching out of the backfield as he does running.  I do like where we’re going, and I do love our defense, which might even improve this draft. So Niner fans … Taylor Mays or Eric Berry?  I say Mays, but just my opinion. With all this being said, I look forward to the playoffs.  Should be fun.  A quick prediction.  Romo does a Romo repeat and chokes when Dallas hosts Philly in this upcoming weekends Wild Card match up.  Ravens take out the Pats minus Welker.  The Jets, who some what don’t deserve to be in the playoffs get ousted at Cincy.  And in the toughest match up of the Wild Card weekend, the Packers will take out Zona in a shoot out.  If Zona wins, watch out for them though.  They may rekindle some of last years magic.


2 responses to “2009 NFL Season For Me In A Nut Shell (Plus Welker, Ouch.)

  1. Yo, did you read on ESPN that they are trying to set something up with Chris Johnson of the Titans run against Usain Bolt. lol.

    What do you think of this idea?


  2. Well, I have to say the Welker injury made me smile. I’ve hated the Patriots since the infinite “tuck rule” game. I was even more excited to see CJ hit the 2K rushing yards that was great!

    Your problem is you need a new QB not named Alex Smith. My cousin wrote a post about the bay area QB’s. http://doin-work.com/2010/01/04/going-up-going-down-alex-smith-vs-jamarcus-russell/

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