Wildcat Offense (Not The Dolphins)

This Wild Cat's Got Claws ... (LOL I had to)

Well it’s wayyyyy too early in the season to start crowning this year’s champions, but with all the hoopla surrounding Kansas … my money’s on Kentucky.  Speaking of “hoopla” … has anyone ever heard of this John Wall guy?  I was talking to my boy Lito through Blackberry (still better than the i-phone) Messenger when he informed me that the ESPN color-commentators were making every effort possible to make sure you were aware of who John Wall was.  Apparently they fell short of mentioning what his favorite dessert was.  At his current rate on the hype-train, he should be inducted into the basketball hall-of-fame within 2 & 1/2 years.

With that being said … John Wall is the real deal.  He has pure, raw talent & athleticism.  He reminds me of another guard John Calipari had the pleasure of coaching, and that’s Derrick Rose.  Calipari coached Tyreke Evans too … talk about a good string of luck for this guy!

Anyway, outside of his prone to turn the ball over, and in my opinion, a jump-shot that takes too long to develop … I don’t see any other flaws in his game.  In fact, what we saw in his last game vs. UConn was his ability to finish … and not just finish around the cup, but finish a game.  Meaning close out a match.  He scored what … some 12 of Kentucky’s 15 final points?  Including what would be the game’s most important basket, in which he slashed through the lane with a tough left-handed lay-in + 1.

Kentucky is 9-0, and have gotten past UNC & UConn already.  Impressive to say the least.  As much as people find it funny how Calipari is down-playing his team’s success, he’s smart for not letting his team get overly confident.  In his past couple of post-game interviews, Calipari has given the impression that his team is 4-5 as oppose to the 9-0 they truly are …

He can’t fool me.  I believe he’s going to bed each night with a huge smile on his face and is giddy about how good his team really is.  Scary thing is … they haven’t reached their full potential yet.


3 responses to “Wildcat Offense (Not The Dolphins)

  1. What’s even crazier is that the starting line up is mostly freshmen!!!!! Actually come to think of it, there are a lot of starting freshmen out there in NCAA hoops. Talented lucky bastards!!

  2. Yeah, the J Wall hype is blowing up already! I wonder if the Nets will have the chance to snag him #1 overall 🙂 I love his game, hopefully he continues to get better, and it carries over to the NBA!

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