Tebow On Sundays!

Tim Tebow won't get the ending he deserves in college, but hopefully he gets the beginning he deserves in the NFL ...

Real quick, I just wanted to vent … you know that I don’t have a chance at winning my fantasy football league, when my #1 & #2 picks this year were Brian Westbrook & Clinton Portis <— LOL at this!  Even in some miraculous way, I was able to trade Westbrook for Michael Turner, while Turner was performing horribly … Turner breaks loose for 2-3 weeks when I have him, but then sprains his ankle.  I give up.

Now, if anyone has read my blog, you might have read about how I’m a huge Tebow fan.  Needless to say, I was heart-broken yesterday, and the lingering effects of the Florida loss will stay with me for quite some time.  I was one of those guys who was hoping for the best for Tebow … the story book ending to a story book career.  Unfortunately for Florida, they weren’t as good as last year, and they finally got exploited for their weaknesses.  Alabama pounded them into submission, and dominated from start to finish.  Ingram had the game of his life, and definitely deserves at least a look at the Heisman.  So what’s next for Tebow?  Hopefully Florida recovers, and are able to send Tebow off in the fashion he deserves … with a big win.  Florida will likely be matched up against un-defeated Cincy in one of the BCS Bowl games, and Pike, Gilyard and co. are no push-overs.  But knowing Tebow, I expect him to drop one of his best performances to date in his Florida finale.

Tebow will not be the #1 pick in next year’s draft.  He most likely won’t go in the 1st round.  Unfortunately for Tebow, his handicaps at the position are looked at more stringently than with what he does that doesn’t show up on the score board.  He doesn’t have the strongest arm, he’s not accurate, he doesn’t have text-book form … etc. etc.  But I have stated time and time again, that none of that stuff matters.  Well, I won’t say it “doesn’t” matter, but give me a winner!  Give me a leader!  Give me someone I could look to, and turn to when we need him the most.  I’m telling you now, Tebow will be the next Tom Brady, not in the sense of his abilities, but in that leadership role.  You can’t measure “passion” for competing, or taking on challenges, and these are the attributes that determine “greatness” …

I know there are twice as many Tebow haters out there, than there are those who cheer for him … but trust me … you want him on your team playing Sundays.  Who will be so lucky?


2 responses to “Tebow On Sundays!

  1. Yeah, he is a winner and leader, which is something that really can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t. He couldn’t turn out any worst than Jamarcus, at least you’d hope!

  2. COLT MCCOY!!!!!!!!!

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