Monday Night Beat Down!





I must admit, the MNF game did not turn out the way I thought it would.  Don’t get me wrong, I believed the Saints could do it, but that easy?

Are we on course for something that may never ever happen again if we are so lucky enough to witness it this year?  A Super Bowl with both teams undefeated heading into it?

I’m drooling at the thought … more so than every single teeny bopper who went to watch “New Moon

Before we trek down that road …

Who’s your MVP?

The easy choice … Drew Brees?

He leads the NFL in TD passes.  Although most QB’s lead their teams in their own individual way, you can argue that no one leads them with the same intensity of Drew Brees.  He gathers his troops before every game and fires them up ala Ray Lewis, or any hard-hitting defensive player.  But he’s a QB.

Peyton Manning?

He started the season extremely hot, even over-shadowing Drew Brees to a certain extent, because Manning has NO running game to back him.  He’s struggled some-what the past few weeks, throwing multiple picks in each of the last 3 games.  But how much is he struggling, if they continue to win?  And how good will the Colts be, if they’re not playing their best.  Scary thought.

I am as a big of fan of these two as there is … but in my opinion, the MVP this season doesn’t belong to an undefeated team.  In fact, it doesn’t belong to a team with a winning record (as of now) … I’m not sure of the facts, but has any player ever won the MVP award for a below .500 team?  If anyone ever deserves to, it’s Chris Johnson.  Most likely, the Titans will push themselves over .500 and finish with a winning record so the previous question may be a “moo” point.  Technically, they still have a shot at the post-season, and with the way that Vince Young has been playing, you tell me who’s eager to face them?  But Chris Johnson has made Adrian Peterson look like LT.  And I’m talking about the LT now.  Unspectacular.  He’s been doing it week in and week out.  He (prior to Young) was the only reason the Titans were competitive despite their record.  What impresses me the most about CJ, is the fashion in which he scores.  He doesn’t lay-low for 60% of the drive, and let’s the offense get to the goal-line in which he gets the call to punch it in after.  Nope.  Chris Johnson likes to get things done himself.  And he finishes it.  I can’t even count on one hand how many long, long TD runs Chris Johnson’s had this season.  50, 60, 70, 80 yards to pay dirt.

What’s scary is, he was doing this even when defenses were keying in on the run.  When they didn’t respect the air game at all.  Now, he’s got help … which means he’ll only continue to finish the season strong.  Real strong.  Especially as long as the Titans try to complete the miracle season turn-around and make a playoff push.

Now, in all honesty, I think the two QB’s will end up splitting the award.  But ask any Chris Johnson fantasy football owner who the real MVP is.

Oh, and I was just kidding about AP All Day.  He is the opposite of “unspectacular”.



2 responses to “Monday Night Beat Down!

  1. I have a feeling one of them will lose before the regular season is over. Maybe neither of them have that hard of a schedule, but every team they play from here on out will make this their Super Bowl.

    I like CJ, he’s the man! I wouldn’t give him the MVP though. You could almost say the same for MJD since they don’t have a passing game and he is doing an amazing job getting that crappy Jags squad to 6-5…

  2. Oh, I did some power rankings before last nights game. Obviously, the Saints have surpassed the Colts now…

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