Nelly? Ellis? Choose 1 …


Don Nelson throws his hands up in the air in disgust. Warrior fans should do the same.


Lost in the love-fest we Warrior fans had for Nelly when he brought us back to un-familiar territories in 2007, with a trip to the playoffs, is the fact that he was the same guy who tore apart a young, promising team back in ’93-’94.  Well, if you haven’t heard, history tends to repeat itself, and Nelly is no exception.

Captain Jack is one thing.  There’s no point in blaming Nelly for this one.  After all that Nelly did, as well as the Warriors organization, in revitalizing & rebuilding his career, not to mention his image … oh and worst of all over-paying the son-of-a-gun … Stephen Jackson still had the nerve to paint us (the Warriors) the villain.  He wanted out, and well … he got his wish (some-what).  Good luck Charlotte, you’ll have a handful with this one.  Being that the Bobcats are not the Cavs, don’t be surprised if he eventually takes the Charlotte front office hostage, the way he did GS.

For years I blamed Webber for bailing on a highly entertaining, and more importantly, winning Warriors squad.  Webber & Sprewell were the foundation.  Mullin was the stable veteran leadership.  Nelly was the master-mind.  It was a team only a few years away from seriously contending.  Of course, Nelly & Webber butt heads, and we eventually lose both pieces to our puzzle …  followed by the utter and complete destruction of the Warriors as we knew it.  So pardon me for being ungrateful, but one magical 2007 playoff run won’t make me forget the wrong Nelly done us.  Yes, in light of recent events, I blame Nelly equally to Webber for the dismemberment of our ’93-’94 team.


Monta Ellis doesn't understand why Nelly's still around.


Now it’s Monta in Webber’s position.  Stephen Jackson was one of Monta’s closest friends on this Warrior squad, and don’t think for one second that Jackson’s not still in Monta’s ear.  Couple that with his disdain with Stephen Curry, and especially Nelly, and we have come full-circle from the ’93-’94 season.  It feels all to familiar.  Now, Monta isn’t nearly the talent that Webber was, so if he does leave us, the effect won’t be quite as catastrophic … but Monta’s still a talent we can’t stand to lose.  So … what I beg to ask is, why not this time around, cut ties with Nelly?  Granted, our style of basketball is very fun to watch, and losing Nelly probably means no more averaging 100 + points per game, but who cares?  We’re not winning, and our future is more important.  We could use Monta for the long haul, while Nelly is only looking towards breaking Lenny Wilkins all-time wins record, then cashing in.  Let him do that with another team.  Let’s salvage our young talent if we can, we should worry about what’s going to happen after Nelly … it might already be too late!  We all knew what followed the Nelly/Webber dispute … 13 years of crap.  And Warrior fans, and Bay Area fans in general deserve better than that.

Don’t get me wrong … I do appreciate what Nelly’s done for us.  He’s a Hall of Fame coach, who will be praised upon once he’s done with the game of basketball.  But he might have over-stayed his welcome in Golden State this time around.

I apologize if this post doesn’t have a sense of direction, but I’m just venting.  It just seems as if we’ve been down this road before, and if there’s anyway to prevent it, we should!  I don’t want to be 39 the next time my Warriors decide to make it into the playoffs.



3 responses to “Nelly? Ellis? Choose 1 …

  1. Nelly and the front office can all go burn in hell.. stupid selfish prick..all he wants is the wins..and all the owner of GS wants is more revenue..he could care less about winning… i hope…i wish..the owner of oracle take over as the warriors owner… cause im sure he will get us back to par or atleast a respectable organization.

    BTW, love the pics and quotes that go along with it…

  2. I can’t say I forgot about the past, and I don’t really fully blame Nellie for both of these collapses of Warriors dynasties, if we can even call them a dynasty. I actually wouldn’t mind losing Monta and Nellie and Cohan and Rowell, but that’s just a pipe dream. I think this organization won’t turn around until it’s sold to someone competent. I know it’s been rumored tons of times, but it seems like this year fans are actually boycotting the games, which could force Cohan to sell! Remember when Oracle hosted the all-star game and they annouced him, everyone in the place booed! That’s saying something, and after eight years of crappiness he’s still around, REAL WEAK!

    Honestly though, if we did get rid of Monta, and got back another expiring contract, there’s always the chance we could get two “good” free agents!

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