Thursday Night Lights!

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It’s been a busy, hectic week or two since my last post, both in and out of the sports world – but what stands out the most is … there’s a huge gash in my “air hose” of my car … 😦

It sucks because I don’t have money to waste … but what-the-f***-ever.


Willis & Singletary

Singletary tells his protegé to hit his old team ... "In the mouth."

That’s what we’re all here for, and last night (Thursday) was a great sports night!  Let’s start with my beloved SF 49ers!  Finally!  Big win for us, and to all the Niner fans … don’t give up yet.  The fact that we’re undefeated in our division will go a long way.  Hopefully we got that “mini” monkey off our back, and we can get back to 49er football, and that’s winning!

We go out there, and we hit people in the mouth!”  To quote Coach Singletary … and that’s exactly what they did (ask Cutler), and that’s exactly why they won.  Oh, and it didn’t help Chicago, that it seemed like Cutler completed more passes to 49er players than Alex Smith did.

Dwayne & LeBron

As good as they look off the court, you should see them on the court ... against each other.

Now, onto the court.  LeBron, Wade … ’nuff said.  When these two go heads up, there’s no better form of entertainment in the sport of basketball.  Not even Bron Bron vs. Kobe.  The night started off fantastic, with Miami paying tribute to the greatest of all-time.  MJ.  It seems like all the MJ’s are the greatest of all-time in their respective profession.  Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Megan Fox 😉

Anyway, the game was pure adrenaline.  Excitement that started with the top “poster-izing” dunk of the year.  Sorry Sideshow Bob, but you should have known how “Dwayne Wade do it.”  But if you didn’t, watch the highlights of you getting baptized and read his lips.  Nasty.  LeBron had himself a nice two-handed power slam himself, but unfortunately for Bron Bron, it’s hard to poster-ize fools when they part like Moses does the Red Sea whenever you stroll down the lane.  I can’t say I could blame them.  The quarter ended with a Wade pull up three, followed by Bron playing beat-the-buzzer with a runner just inside the arc.

What I like the best is how the two super-stars finish.  Actually, I’m not giving them enough credit.  They’re more like … ULTRA-SUPER-STARS! But coming down the stretch, with Miami down double-digits … guess who came calling?  D-Wizzle.  A pull up three, a floater down the lane … everything.  He’s so shifty.  Miami cuts the lead to 4, and it seems like Wade is going to will them to victory, when LeBron shows us something that I personally thought he wouldn’t develop.  That Kobe like “killer-instinct” … with one pull up three, he put the game on ice.  It’s refreshing to see LeBron feel more comfortable with these “dagger” shots, or “the last shot” … something he was chastised for earlier in his career when he’d pass out of the situation, no matter how right a decision it was.  Now, he wants the onus.  I love it.

In the post game interview, LeBron states that the NBA should retire the #23 since they won’t change their logo to MJ from JW.  As far-fetched as that seems … it’s not.  What Michael did to the game of basketball will never be equalled.  The NBA owes much of their success to Jordan, more than they could ever imagine.  Bron says he’ll rock the #6 which is a great number.

Oh and by the way, Wade has admitted to reporters, that he and Bron Bron have discussed playing with each-other next year.  How f*****g crazy & un-fair would that be!?!?

The night ended on a sour note.  I was super-amped on the Phoenix/LA game.  I thought it would be the show-down we all expected, and hoped for.  It was a boring game.  As fun and exciting a team as the Suns are, the Lakers are that much more built for winning.  And they completely took Phoenix out of their game.  I won’t waste any more words on this game.

I hope Conan O’Brien caps my night off right.


2 responses to “Thursday Night Lights!

  1. I’m not a big Niners fan, but being from the bay I don’t mind seeing them win. I can’t say that game was all that exciting, but oh well!

    That D-Wade dunk last night made me watch a whole lot more of it than I originally planned!

    I’m not sure I agree that the whole NBA should retire 23, and actually I think you inspired a post on it!

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