Friday Night Random-ness

Someone showed up and ended the "Rebel Assault" ---

Someone crashed the "Rebel Assault" party ...

Well my prediction was somewhat right, the Phillies were able to score 3 runs against the Evil Empire and would have won Game 6 by the score of 3-1 if not for the emergence of Godzilla and his monster 6 RBI’s.  Well congrats Yankee fans, another World Series purchased.

Last night, the NBA only had 2 games on their schedule, Bulls @ Cavs, Spurs @ Jazz.  TNT kindly broad casted both games.  My beef is not with them, but with the NBA itself.  Who the hell was in charge of scheduling?  Since the beginning of the Spurs title runs, they have been dubbed (rightfully so) the most boring-est team ever!  Now they’re old on top of that which makes them more boring-er.  My god, the only reason I sat through a portion of the game is because I have Duncan on my Fantasy squad.

Did anyone catch the clip of that one young lady on the New Mexico Futbol’ team that was doing all kinds of dirty stuff to the BYU team they faced.  Sasha Fierce up in there!

Baron Davis

Someone wanted to go "Hollywood" too bad he forgot to pack his "game" ...

So all the hype on BD and his “being in shape” this season was for nothing.  It’s almost safe to say that he’ll never be what he was, I’m starting to appreciate the fact we (Golden State) didn’t re-sign after our glorious Playoff run in ’07.  Which reminds me, where is Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba and Woody Harrelson now?  They were all about the Warriors that year … fair-weather fans … nothing worse.

LeBron James

King of New York?

Tonight LeBron visits NY – but Knick fans may not have anything to worry about, they may get some LeBron action every night next season.  And if Bron Bron does bolt for the Broadway lights, that team becomes an instant contender – yes.  I said it.  Take LeBron away from the Cavs and their bottom feeders.  Imagine if a healthy Boozer stayed in Cleveland with LeBron?  Well that’s what LeBron will have in David Lee.  Throw in the up-tempo style of D’Antoni and LeBron may just run wild!  I’m not even mentioning the possibility of adding in a Chris Bosh to the fold either … that would be too much!

That’s it for random-ness post ala 11/06/09 – laters


One response to “Friday Night Random-ness

  1. HAHA! Living in Socal, I actually see quite a bit of Baron when he’s actually not hurt, and he does look better than he did at any other time in his career on the Clips, but he doesn’t look as good as he did in GS… Damn celebrities and their fairweather ness!
    Check out this post, the LA sports guy is pretty funny…

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