The Force Is With You, Philly …

As of late, I’ve been in this weird state in which I feel like writing with no formal direction or topic.  It’s kind of fun actually, and who knows how long I’ll do this for?  Perhaps until Tim Tebow wins another National Title … then I’ll write an entire web page dedicated to his greatness!  So until then … randomness …

When I think of the Yankees, I think of this guy.

CC’s on the mound tonight for the Yanks, a local guy (Vallejo) and yes I usually support the local guys, but not when they play for the evil empire.  In my opinion, this World Series has played out like another series … Star Wars … and just the original 3!  Game 1 was “A New Hope” as the Phillies went into the new Yankee Stadium and took it to Darth Jeter and Sith Lord A-Rod.  Unfortunately, games 2-4, “The Empire Struck Back.”  All that was missing was Pedro to find out that the Yankees were indeed his father!  Well games 6 & 7 will be the “Return of the Jedi” and by Jedi, I mean Ryan Howard, and no … not the one from NBC’s “The Office”, although from how the Phillies slugger’s been swinging his bat throughout this series, BJ Novak’s character might have fared better.  Anyway, Game 6 is the key to this series, if the Yanks don’t close it out, than the Phillies will repeat.

Kevin Durant has been hyped up big time leading into this season, and rightfully so, he is a great young player who has not even come close to reaching his potential.  Last night, he had the opportunity to propel himself further amongst the elite status in the NBA, but failed.  The Thunder were up late against the Lakers, but could not put them away, and partly if not mostly because Durant turned into a complete “dud” come crunch time.  Now as an avid Fantasy Basketball player, I could care less if you finish the game 0-7, as long as your total shooting percentage hovers around the high 40’s and up.  But as an avid basketball fan, clutch “is” everything, and Durant choked.  I want to like Durant more, but he needs to step up his crunch time performance.

I will reveal my secret to winning Fantasy BasketballDraft Josh Smith.

At this point in the season, who would you consider the cream of the crop in the NFC East?  Are you ready to count the Giants out?  Well, as much as I don’t want to brag and tell you “I told you so” … well, I told you so.

As much as I dis-credited both the Giants & Cowboys, and over-credited the Redskins, I was right on several accounts.  The NFC East belongs to the Eagles.  Now, this isn’t 100% a good thing, ’cause as good as McNabb has been lately, he’s liable to pull a Kevin Durant and choke.  Actually when it comes to McNabb, let’s say he’s liable to pull a Chris Webber ala Michigan, and choke big time!  I do hope the Eagles continue their impressive play, and to this day, I can’t believe how many teams passed on the electrifying DeSean Jackson!  I guess since I got to see every week on TV while he was here at Cal, I knew first hand of how special a player he was.  I must admit, I too am quite impressed on how quickly he’s been able to make such a huge impact on the NFL in only his second season.  He’s become my favorite wide-out, easily.

Back to the World Series … what does CC stand for?

What’s everyone’s opinion on the UFL?  And why does my local team have to be called the “Redwoods” ???  That’s about as intimidating as the “Jazz” … Oh no!  The “Jazz” are coming to town, and they’re gonna beat us down with their … umm … their jazz I guess … ?  Their jazz and their jazzy ways … yeah that’s it!  Oh no!  The “Redwoods” are in town, they’re going to beat us down with their intimidating stand still tactics!  Team name fail.

Randomness concluded … for now.


2 responses to “The Force Is With You, Philly …

  1. sportsguyby

    I hope for the Phillies’ sake that they’re up to the task. ’cause if not then they might as well pack their bags and head on back the city of Brotherly Love.

    ’til You Do Right By Me Everything You Even Think About Gonna’ Fail


    It Was The Best Of Times It Was The Worst Of Times The Rise And Fall Of Isiah Thomas …………

    Dropped these two recently , chime on in with a comment as and when you’re ready.

    Alan Parkins aka tophatal ……….

  2. Man, that was weak. I wish that they could’ve made the series go a little longer… Maybe I should try your strategy in fantasy hoops, I never seem to do all that well in basketball leagues… I think KD is pretty clutch, he hit a few game winners even back when they were in Seattle! He’s pretty young so we’ll see how he progress in the end of games.

    Speaking of Philly, I picked them in my football picks this week!

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