I’m Back –

OK, OK — I haven’t written anything for quite some time, but I’ve had a busy week or two.  Now, there’s way too much to write about in the world of sports, so this will be one of my “super-random” posts, in which I have absolutely no direction or theme, or even topic to be exact.  All I know is that it’s a great time to be a sports fan, and that’s usually always the case!

Pacquiao calls out Mayweather.  There’s nothing else to say.  If “Money” or “Pretty Boy” Floyd wants to open his mouth and claim to be the best (in this dying sport) than step up to the damn plate.

Yankees lead the series 3-2, but the Phillies will come back to win it all.  You heard that correctly!  After blowing their 3-0 lead in game 3, the Phillies escaped their home-stead with a win.  The pressure is now on the Yanks to close out.  If the Phillies can jump out on the Yanks in game 6, A-Rod and company will fold.  Sometimes you just have to go with your gut, and my gut tells me two things … 1 – The Phillies will win 2 in NY.  2 – I need to hit the treadmill.

“Who go’n beat them Saints?”  “No one!”  Well the Saints have had a lot of fortunate breaks during this 7-0 run, including a tipped pass on a Matt Ryan attempt to Tony Gonzalez just shy of the end-zone last night, that resulted in a pick.  But it’s not all luck, it’s 95% their own doing … and there’s definitely a certain aura surrounding the Saints and the city of New Orleans right now, and you can’t help but feel happy for them.  They definitely deserve this.  Plus has anyone seen the Drew Brees pre-game routine in efforts to pump up his squad?  I’m juiced right now from thinking about it!  I think if any other QB tried this, they’d get laughed at.  Not Brees.

(49ers held Peyton Manning to no TD passes on Sunday.  I don’t care if they loss.  That’s damn impressive.)

The Mighty Ducks of Oregon!  I did not see that coming!  Well, I knew they would beat the Trojans, but not so easily.  They turned a first half shoot-out, into a second half route.  Masoli is the perfect QB for the system they run over there in the Norther Pacific, and outside of their one tough loss to (un-defeated) Boise State, this team would be in the hunt for the National Title game – but back to Masoli … don’t sleep on him, he’s from Daly City, CA – home of the top athletes in the nation.  Google it.  😉

I won my first week in Fantasy Hoops (7-2) — I was weary on Tim Duncan, and I was trying to ship him after the first game of the season, but no one wanted him … good thing.  I think I’m gonna keep him now.  He’s only averaging about 15 points per game, but his FG%, boards, steals & blocks are legit.  I also drafted Spencer Hawes in the later rounds … I tried to trade him too, but once again, no one wanted him … good thing.  Although he doesn’t start, he plays starter minutes, and last night he “Messed around and almost got a triple-double.”  If Corey Brewer can stop shooting such a horrible %, I might not make any more waiver wire pick-ups or moves for the rest of the season.

Iverson made his Grizzly debut.  11 points, eh.  My league MVP the first week of the NBA, Melo.  He looks hungry, and I predicted the Nuggets to represent the West in the Finals.  If that guy keeps playing that possessed.  It’s a wrap.

How am I still alive in my Fantasy Football league?

Today’s question to all my readers … What was I dressed as for Halloween? Let’s see if you read my blog.


5 responses to “I’m Back –

  1. Were you BOBBY LAU for halloween?

  2. I hope that we do get to see Floyd and Pac man! That would be a great fight, which I could actually see mystelf buying!

    I was really impressed with the Niners D. It’s pretty amazing they held HOFer Manning TDless. I think the Saints will go undefeated if they don’t rest all their players at the end of the year and lose a cheap one…

    I hope the Phillies do come back, that would make me happy. I have my doubts though, especially with CC on the mound for game 7. Even if he hasn’t really shut down the Phils or even beat them!

    Here’s a great read that I wrote a post about on our blog, but you should definitely read these excerpts. It’s like Jose Canseco, but in the NBA form…


  3. Oh, and I gave you a pingback on the flopping post you did 🙂 Good to see you back on blognation!

  4. sportsguyby

    I’d call out Mayweather if only so I could act as his ‘wing man’ in the strip clubs. As I hear he likes to make it rain in the clubs while he’s there ?

    Alan Parkins aka tophatal

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