Fantasy Hoops @ Hot Box Sports

To everyone who peeks at my blog, check this out:!  It’s a free fantasy basketball site that offers a new twist in the world of fantasy hoops.  For those of you who find fantasy football more to your liking, but love the game of basketball itself, then Hot Box Sports is for you!

How it works:

As an added bonus, I will be doing a little bit of writing for them as well!  Just some player info and updates, but still, I’m really excited and want all of you to sign up for a league!

Thanks for all your support!


3 responses to “Fantasy Hoops @ Hot Box Sports

  1. HUGE fantasy fan from golf to football! I’ve never seen this site though. It seems pretty good! Maybe I’ll keep checking back during the season to see who the hot adds and drops are!

    Here’s our latest debate on instant replay in the MLB…

  2. We’re doing our draft online tonight! Check it out if you want on our live blog!

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