Flop You Very Much

Even "The King" likes to get into the act

Even "The King" likes to get into the act

A few days ago I read Chappy 81‘s post on the NBA “officially” making it legal to take two steps while dribbling the ball.  This made me think … what other rules might I want to see get a face lift, or even better, reconstructive surgery!  Now there’s several rules that basically don’t exist like “traveling” or “carrying.”  By definition, if you get your hand under the ball, it’s a carry.  I dare you to play a drinking game with that rule next time you’re at home with your buddies watching an NBA game.  The night would only end in two letters … E, and R.  But, but – that is not the rule I would want to see altered, the rule that I want to see altered, or actually implemented … is the “FLOP” rule!  How ’bout it, huh?  Good idea, right!?!?  What if, just what if, a referee was given the green light to make a judgment call on players who attempt to flop.  Now of course, the flop would have to be pretty blatant at first, and if the rule sticks around for a while, then it would be open to interpretation, because at times, it’s pretty difficult to tell the difference between a legitimate charge, or offensive foul, from a flop.  But wouldn’t it be great to rid the game of ridiculous gestures of flailing your arms up in the air, or hitting the ground hard while shrilling out in fake, agonizing pain, every time your opponent makes a good, strong move?

The consequence:

I feel the “flopper” shouldn’t be hit with a foul call, although that would definitely cross their mind anytime they look to put on an audition for “America’s Got Talent, Hollywood Edition” but, but … I feel it might be a little too harsh a punishment.  I think, they should treat it like they do the “unimpeded to the basket/break away foul” rule.  That means a technical free throw and possession is rewarded to the victimized team.  I mean, I think I’m on to something here!  If I were bitten by the acting bug, and I have the urge to flop, and play bail out D, this rule would definitely help resist that temptation.

This is all just a thought, but here … below are some links of what is wrong with the NBA, in no particular order.



And of course —–> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgPHIT61FfU

Actually I must admit, at times, this stuff can be quite entertaining …

5 responses to “Flop You Very Much

  1. I’ve always wanted to see something done with the flopping. It’s cool when it’s your team that gets the call, but when it goes against your team your always mad! I agree that it would be very tough to monitor though especially with replacement refs in action. I thought if they made a rule somewhat like hockey where there’s a penalty box for people who violate the rule. They could make them sit in a “penalty box” per say for the rest of the opposing teams possesion making it 5 on 4! I could see that eliminating a lot of flops!

  2. I think that something should be done about this, but then again, it is a laugh. My favorite flop moments are when little guards are trying to fight through screens and make it seem as if they’ve crashed into a cement wall, when knowingly they’ve seen it come a mile away. Damn fakers!



  3. Oh a “penalty box” would be a great idea to stop flopping!

    Leets – “He did the same move!”
    F’in refs! LOL

  4. I’m glad you liked the idea! It was the first thing I thought of when I read your post 🙂

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