The Promise 2009: Gators Escape Razorbacks Bite

Would YOU ever doubt this guy?

Would YOU ever doubt this guy?

If the Golden Bears lived up to their potential, I’d be paying attention to what they’re doing over there in the Rose Bowl against the Bruins, but … after two disappointing performances back to back at Oregon, and at home against USC, the remainder of Cal’s season has turned lack-luster at best.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll support them to the end, but over on CBS, Florida’s chances at repeating are being tested late into the fourth.

(Florida’s D stuffs the run on 3rd and short with 3:18 remaining.)

As illustrious a career as Tim Tebow’s had, his record for comeback wins are not impressive at all.  The only time he’s won after trailing into the second half, was against Alabama in the SEC Championship game last year.  Albeit, a good time to break old habits.  If you have read any of my previous posts, you’ll note that I am a huge Tebow fan, both on and off the field, and I believe he’ll be a fine NFL QB if given the chance.  Leadership like his can not be measured or taught.  So needless to say, outside of Cal (who leads 45-26 with a little over 5 min. left) Florida is the team I root for.  I am a bit nerve-racked right now as Arkansas looks to regain the lead late with a field goal attempt …


Did the Gators dodge a bullet here or what?  20-20 still.  I must say, Florida’s last scoring drive did seem gift-wrapped.  Two questionable calls (a pass-interference and a personal foul) gave Florida 30 yards free.  Jeff Demps, who has resembled Percy Harvin here late, punches it in untouched from about the 15.

(Tebow’s going deep … incomplete, Cooper did a nice job of turning into a defender as that ball might have been picked in the end zone.)

Huge timeout burned here by the Gators, they only have one remaining.  Hope this doesn’t bite them in the butt later.  Back to my thoughts on the game … I must applaud the Razorbacks for their effort regardless of the outcome, and they have stuck to the game plan, which has been rock solid.  Aside for one huge mistake by the secondary in the 3rd quarter that cost them a 70+ yard touchdown, they have relatively contained this Gator offense, which ultimately, has given Arkansas a chance to not only compete in this game, but damn well win it.

(Tebow completes a clutch pass on 3rd & 10.)

25 seconds remain, 2nd & 2, Florida inside the Red Zone … Tebow takes the snap, and dives towards the center of the field.  I believe they are going to try to win it with a field goal, now.  I was wrong, 3rd & 5, Tebow with a quarterback draw for 3 yards.  Here we go … 27 yard attempt for the lead … RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE!

Arkansas with 9 seconds remaining, and this may be a bit cliche’, but … it’s not over until the fat lady sings.  Short kick, short return.  Here’s the last play of the game, obviously watch for the hail mary … Arkansas goes for the hook & lateral, stuffed.  Florida wins.  Big comeback by Tebow who once again, puts his critics to rest.

What other teams should take out of this … *Alabama* … is how to play Florida defensively.  Stack the line, and gear up against the run, then play solid man coverage and dare Tebow to beat you with his arm.  Unfortunately for the Razorbacks, they got what they wished for.  But, Arkansas is not Alabama, and I know the Tide have a game to worry about themselves tonight, but if they caught a glimpse of the Florida/Arkansas game, they have to feel a bit more optimistic about their chances against the Gators if fate follows course and gives us a Florida/Alabama SEC Championship rematch.

Florida has a lot to work on, their stout and stingy D was toasted by the Razorback running game, and they had several mishaps due to lack of discipline.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen opposing players run through numerous tackle attempts by the Gators.  The defense almost gave up what would have been the game winner on 3rd & 15 … 3rd & 15, when the secondary let a receiver slip behind them for a long touchdown.  As much as I think Tebow’s the best, I know that Florida’s chances of repeating and sending Tebow off in glory, hinders on that incredible Gators D.

On the bright side, Florida keeps winning these games in which they are pushed to the limits, to say they’re battle tested is an understatement.  When we approach the 7th inning stretch of the college football season, it’s a big plus if you know how to win close games.  Florida seems to have that down.

With all of this said, I can promise you a few things:

I promise that no other sports blogger will support Tim Tebow more than me.

I promise that no other sports blogger will continue to believe the Gators are destined to repeat, more than me.

And I promise that if the Gators do happen to lose … I won’t jump ship.

God bless.


3 responses to “The Promise 2009: Gators Escape Razorbacks Bite

  1. Buffet of home cooking for Gators renders this one meaningless.

  2. Wow, you really are a Gators fan. That was a pretty good game. Although I’m one to root for the underdog anytime I have minimal personal investment in the game. Nice piece though!

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