BCS Saturday


I just watched the #5 ranked team in the nation, Boise State win a tough game on the road against a formidable opponent in Tulsa.  Although it was a great win, was it enough to even get the BCS to look their way?  Probably not, and it’s a shame.  We could easily wander along into “playoff system” talk, but that’s another day.

This in my opinion, is going to be a wild weekend for NCAA Football, and when the dust settles, this week could determine the National Title Game.  Now in a perfect world, the unbeaten, the main ones (Florida, Alabama, Texas, VT) will remain unbeaten.  I’m a huge Tebow fan, and nothing would be better than for him to go head up against Colt McCoy and the Longhorns to decide this year’s champion (a la last year against Bradford who looks like a hobbit)  but realistically, that may not happen.  Texas almost ruined Oklahoma’s bid for a title game appearance last year, and you can believe that the Sooners would love nothing more but to return the favor of “spoilers” to them.  But worse, because they would really be spoilers!  Besides that, this is a rivalry game, in a shared stadium.  So both teams don’t need any more reason to try and beat each other down to a bloody pulp.  I happen to think the Big 12 can be a bit over-rated at times, but these are two solid teams and I would pay to see this game.  I bet the atmosphere is rockin’!

Alabama has run over opponents, and have done so in a seemingly effortless manner.  It’s like clock work for them.  They literally impose their will upon every opponent they face.  Nothing really fancy.  Just a good old fashion beat down in the back alley.  Now, South Carolina is a good team, but are they good enough to compete with the Crimson Tide.  No.  The Crimson Tide’s worse enemy, is the Crimson Tide.  I mean, at some point this well-oiled machine is going to have to reveal some chinks in the armor.  There’s no way they’re that solid right?  Right?  It’s a scary thought if they truly are, and if so, I myself am worried for Superman Tebow and the Gators.  This is the one team I feel that can dethrone the Gators as national champs.

Florida plays unranked Arkansas this weekend.  Arkansas is not a team you can take lightly, but similar to the Crimson Tide, the only way Florida loses this match, is if they forget to show up.  I doubt that would ever be the case with an Urban Meyer (coolest name ever) and Tim Tebow lead team.  I’m going to assume they win this and hold on to the #1 spot.

Now, aside from the Red River matchup, the most interesting game of the weekend is between USC & Notre Dame.  The Irish, behind arguably the most NFL ready QB in Jimmy Clausen have a solid year.  You have to think that Clausen is geeked about a chance to showcase his talent in the national spotlight against a team that garners a lot of attention.  He’s going to face a stiff test, as the USC defense is fast at almost all positions, and they hit hard.  With a win here, USC has the potential to move up in the rankings, and a USC team in the top 5 is always a BCS contender until the very end.  But I believe this year will belong to the Irish, as I’m not that impressed with what USC has to offer on the offensive end.  Barkley’s going to be a great QB by his Junior year, shoot, perhaps even next year, but he’s not all that impressive right now.  Clausen for the most part, is.

VT will remain undefeated, but as long as Florida, Alabama and Texas do the same, they won’t make the title game.  In fact a one loss USC team has a better chance at the title game than an undefeated Va Tech.  No joke.  The Hokies will have to settle for just a BCS game, but not a national championship if they finish the regular season perfect.  Which brings me back to a playoff!  I actually do hope that all the unbeaten remain so until the end.  Then we can expect another BCS melt down!  Man, another year and we’re still opening up that can of worms.  Change this already Obama!

For the mean time, get ready for a wild, and exciting Saturday of College Football!


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