Hello old friends.  You miss me?

Hello old friends. You miss me?

That first round was useless.  It was not competitive at all, which won’t be the case for the AL & NLCS.  Expect the opposite of what we just witnessed for the divisionals.  These series’ will be lengthy, and for all our sakes, I hope I’m right.  Starting with the ALCS.  Those damn Yankees!  They haven’t won a title since their dominance in the early 2000’s, which isn’t that long ago, but for George Steinbrenner and the Yankee faithful, that was ages ago.  So Steinbrenner has literally tried to purchase a pennant for the past few years, and to no avail.  Good.  I get a supreme satisfaction when the Yankees don’t succeed at bringing home a ticker tape parade.  And it’s not because they’re the Yankees, the team everyone loves to hate, it’s because I hate, HATE the idea of championships being bought.  And I may sound like a hypocrite, as I adore my 80’s & early 90’s 49ers teams, but back then I was kid, and I thought a salary cap was something to cover a green stemmy vegetable dressing.

Anyway, there’s reason to be excited in NY and rightfully so.  And even better, I myself have a bigger reason to be excited.  Wanna know why?  The Angels are going to take out the Yankees.  No matter how big the collective salary of the Bronx Bombers is, it isn’t big enough to defeat momentum, and more importantly inspiration.  I hate the *Angels nearly just as much as I do the Yankees, so this is a lose-lose situation for me (until the World Series but more on that later) but I’m rooting for these guys for now.  One, they just defeated the under-achieving, lackluster Bo Sox, and not only defeated them, swept them.  The Red Sox have been to the Angels, what the Yankees have been to the Red Sox all those years.  And finally, the Angels have gotten over the hump.  They are rolling with supreme confidence right now, and expect that to carry over towards their series with the Yanks.  And number two, and most importantly, they’re playing for their fallen teammate, Nick Adenhart.  The inspiration of his memory is stronger than any monster lineup these guys can face.  There’s a higher power on their side, and unfortunately for Steinbrenner and the Yanks, this higher power doesn’t accept checks, cash or Visa.

The Angels have a pretty darn good lineup themselves, and a solid pitching rotation headed by Lackey who has looked a lot like Josh Beckett this post-season.  If Lackey can squeeze in two games during this series, then chalk those up as wins, yes, I have that much confidence in him right now.  Throw in a Weaver and you got yourselves a 1-2 combo, a la Schilling & Johnson.  Yankee fans remember them, don’t they?  Oh, and you’ll get a good laugh out of this … wanna know who my x-factor player is?  Bobby Abreu.  You don’t think he’s gonna be juiced up for this series?  Expect him to bring the lumber, and deliver a little wooden retribution to his old team.

Angels win 4-3.


2 responses to “ALCS

  1. This should be a good series! I wish they could both lose, because I really don’t like either team…

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