Nelly’s Final Year

I wanna be optimistic about the 2009-2010 Golden State Warriors, but my have we come a long way since the feel-good, buddy-buddy team Golden State sported a few years ago when they ended their playoff drought, and had Oracle Arena rockin’ like Parliament during their upset of the #1 seeded Dallas Mavericks … *sigh* that was a great year.

Fast forward to J-Rich (a Warrior fan-favorite) being dealt for Brandan Wright (bust), B. Diddy moving back home to LA, and Monta’s moped accident and you begin to notice that things haven’t really  improved much since then.  Add Captain Jack’s requesting to ship out, as well as his public spat with Nelly in which trust & loyalty are questioned, and we’re pretty much assured at least another year of disappointment.  What is wrong with our team?  Right now, everyone’s acting more “diva” like than Beyonce.  Monta doesn’t want to “reach out” to Curry, I mean, yes he’s a rookie, and yes you don’t have to “reach out” to him, but you don’t have to make it a “public” affair either.

The Warriors have a lot of young talent, especially with the development of Anthony Randolph, who is currently the lone bright spot throughout the Warriors off-season, leading into the pre-season, but this squad, this 2009-2010 rendition of the Golden State Warriors may be Don Nelson’s greatest challenge to date.  Nelly doesn’t reveal too much, with every day seemingly bringing forth more negative news, Nelly continues to act nonchalant towards it, almost oblivious, which makes me wonder … can this be Nelly’s final year here in the Bay?  Perhaps overall?  I appreciate what Nelly’s done with the Warriors his second go at it, but I get the feeling that all this, well, “crap” he has to deal with is going to push him away from the sport.  I don’t think this is gonna get any better for us soon, I just have this ominous feeling towards our season.  And for some reason, I have a gut feeling that Nelly just doesn’t care anymore.  He’s taking all these hits in stride because he knows … he’s leaving.  So he just doesn’t care.

All I can ask myself is, what’s next Golden State?


One response to “Nelly’s Final Year

  1. Yes, we sure have fallen pretty far since our playoff run. I guess I’m kind of excited for their future. It still looks pretty bright. Nelly said earlier this year he wanted to stay an extra year for free, whether he was serious or not who knows…. I think Biendris and Turiaf, can help settle down the locker room… Check out our blog

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