NFL Week 5 –

Haven’t posted in a minute, decided to jot down a few things about the NFL.

The 49ers have been given a bit of notoriety, and rightfully so, but that was their un-doing yesterday, as they played as if they were too good to put forth effort.  I expect Coach Singletary to lay “it” down on his team.  And whatever “it” is, “it” won’t be nice.


I had a brief convo with my buddy Jason over our Blackberry’s (can’t live without it) not too long ago.  And we both agreed upon a few things regarding Fantasy Football.  #1, it’s a great thing, especially for a true Football nut.  You get to feel like a big shot GM, or owner, making moves, and being involved with a team so to speak.  Fantasy gets you familiar with all the players, and key match-ups, it keeps you tuned into all the games played during the week, and since the invention of the internet, it’s not that difficult to do.  Fantasy sparks debates, and garners bragging rights, all manly activities.  But where’s the loyalty?  Jason has Michael Turner on his Fantasy squad, and I have Matt Ryan on mine.  Jason decided to bench Turner and show his true colors which are red & gold.  I copped out, and started Ryan.  Both Turner & Ryan had fantastic afternoons at the expense of our beloved 49ers, and I almost feel dirty for starting Ryan today.  I feel like part of my soul has been stripped from my body.  Can I consider myself a true 49er fan?  Oh I hate this feeling ever so much.  Oh, and Jason backed off his initial decision of benching Turner.  He ended up playing him.  We’re both weaklings.

Power Rankings as of today:

#1)  Indianapolis Colts:  Manning is too good.  Like seriously, too good.  He’s 47 steps ahead of the comp.  MVP.

#2)  Denver Broncos:  And who pictured this?  They’re doing it with an extraordinary stingy D.  Big win today.  Big.

#3)  NY Giants:  Eli is looking more & more like a mini Peyton.  But it’s not just Eli.  NY’s stacked w/ talent on both sides.

#4)  New Orleans Saints:  Brees has been the 2nd best QB this season, and he’s got help this time around!  Big big show-down against the team above them on this power ranking list next week in the dome.  The Saints could drop off the list.

#5)  Cincinnati Bengals:  A top the toughest division, they could easily be undefeated, losing on the last play in the season opener against the #2 ranked team on my power rankings.  This team has been playing some inspired ball, and Palmer has been Mr. Clutch in the 4th quarter, as he did so again yesterday.  I can’t help but root for this team ever since watching them as the feature of HBO’sHard Knocks.”

Next weeks picks:

NY Giants will remain undefeated all while dealing the Saints their first blemish of the season.

Baltimore will hand Minnesota their first loss of the season as well.  Look for Favre to throw a few picks.

Seattle will defeat the Arizona Cardinals at home, no let down after their beat down of the Jaguar’s yesterday.

San Diego hands Denver their first loss of the season, and wins a big division game at home.

Question of the week?

How many wins do you give the Raiders this season?


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