Week 3 in the NFL

Let me start off by thanking Peyton Manning & the Colts for defeating our (49ers) division rival Arizona Cardinals on Sunday night.  That took some of the sting off San Francisco’s loss earlier that day.  While I’m here, how about the Colts?  They look really good, and Manning is making the game look too easy right now.  Watching him orchestrate the offense is like watching the final scene of the Matrix.  Neo gets it now, and he can do whatever he wants, including stop bullets.  That’s Manning.  That’s scary for the rest of the league.

Baltimore.  I picked them to win the AFC North, but that was prior to them putting up such great numbers offensively.  Now I guarantee they sew up this division.  As great as this defense is and has been, I believe they are nearing its last legs, and since they now have an offense who not only compliments the D, but at times, out shines them, you better believe that Ray Lewis and company are gonna put it all out this season.  This might be their last chance at one more ring before the decline of the Ravens D.

Washington.  It’s a complete melt down out there in the nations capitol.  They don’t currently hold the worse record in the NFL, but it certainly feels like it.  After losing to Detroit, you get the sense that there’s going to be a lot of movement in Washington, starting with the head coach.  You can’t have your play calling questioned on a radio show, and then follow it up with a stinker to a team who lost 18 straight.  That doesn’t bode well for you, not one bit.  Washington’s season is done.

Mark Sanchez is proving any doubters wrong, and doing it in rock star fashion.  He is fiery, confident and most importantly, has his team believing in him.  Now, are they a Super Bowl contender, not quite yet, but it won’t be long until they are.  And how about Rex Ryan, huh?  What a man’s man.  And a player’s coach.  The Jets are impressive to say the least, and have their fans forgetting about the Favre experiment from a season ago.  They still have one more game against New England, and it’s going to be interesting how the Pats respond.  To anyone doubting Brady’s return to form, get back to me in four-five weeks.  He’s still the poor man’s Montana.  That’s a good thing.

Despite the heartbreaking loss to the Vikings, the 49ers remain the best team in the NFC West, and have a defense that no one wants to see.  Mike Singletary has instilled that “hit you in the mouth” mentality to his defense and it shows.  The media made a big deal about Adrian Peterson’s excitement & eagerness towards the rematch with San Francisco, the team that held him to his career worse two seasons ago.  Minus one 35 yard run in the first, he was held to about 50 yards on 18 carries.  They shut down the league’s best runner (again) despite the fact that he has been chomping at the bits to retaliate.  That’s impressive.  Shaun Hill has proven that he can shoulder the pressure when we need a score, and Vernon Davis is turning the corner and coming into his own.  How they respond is key, and to do it without our one superstar in Frank Gore (out 3 weeks) will prove a lot about this team.  I am very optimistic though.

Monday Night Football:

Last night was a match up of perhaps two of the most over rated QB’s in the game.  Neither disappointed.


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