Golden Start!

Let’s not jump the gun here, there’s still a lot of season left and after the Cardinals regained form today against the Jags, it’s a little premature to consider the 49ers the team to beat in the NFC West … but … as of Sunday, September 20, 2009 … they are.  Division leaders baby.

I am so giddy, like a school girl who has a crush on a boy band … wait, bad example.  You know what I’m trying to say!  Anyway, I feel like a complete idiot for ever doubting my favorite sports team (ever) but when I stated that they were destined for another mediocre season concluding with high hopes for the following year, I was trying to give an honest opinion.  I had no idea next year, was now!  Now can they hold on?  The verdict is still out on the Seahawks, but the Niners did march into Arizona and take the season opener in relatively convincing fashion.  Everyone discredited San Francisco’s performance, focusing on Arizona’s lack there of … but hey!  I believe the SF D had a little say in that, don’t you!?

Mike Singletary has this team focused.  In fact, that’s not the word best to describe it, driven is the word I was searching for.  What stands out the most to me, the turnovers.  There haven’t been much.  Especially from the QB spot (no INT’s).  Shaun Hill has been less than spectacular in two games this season, but he has been exactly what’s needed, solid.  What impressed me was his confidence down the stretch in the season opener.  In fact, I was impressed with the confidence the entire 49er organization had in him, they called the plays that basically stated “Win it for us Shaun.”  With Arizona basically shutting down the run, the balance of the game shifted toward Hill’s arm.  He delivered.  And today, Gore returned to his well deserved place in the spot light, and this is just the beginning.  What he accomplished today was the stuff of video games, two carries of 79 yards or more both resulting in touchdowns!  I mean, W-O-W!  But Gore is a given, aside from Shaun Hill’s mistake free play, the key to the 49ers success is that D.

I’m going to stop here in fear of jinxing the Niners, but there’s valid reason for all my excitement towards what we have developing here in San Francisco, and I don’t know any other resident of our beautiful city who doesn’t share the same enthusiasm.


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