Clash of the Titans? Hopefully.

I find it interesting that the most interesting part of this “big” fight tonight, in the return of perhaps, perhaps the pound for pound best fighter in the world today, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, was the post game interview conducted by Max Kellerman with the aforementioned Mayweather, in which he (Mayweather) at first glance welcomed “Sugar” Shane Mosley into the ring to talk about a possible clash between the two, which quickly turned into a shouting match, which was concluded with Mayweather insulting Kellerman for no apparent reason.

(What a long sentence.)

What was in-deniable was Mayweather, as usual, avoided answering any questions that hold weight.  I mean, to the fighting fans of the world, these are questions that need answering, if not, there’s more reason to look the other way, away from boxing, which is a dying sport.  Mayweather/Pacquiao would be a jolt of energy to the sport, perhaps even revitalizing it while it currently remains on life support.  I believe it will happen, but a part of me is unsure, does Mayweather want it to happen?

To the actual fight.  What can one say, it was one of the most dominating performances ever.  You didn’t need a scorecard to tell you what was blatantly obvious.  Marquez never stood a chance to hurt Mayweather let alone win the fight.  Am I ready to crown Mayweather pound for pound?  Of course not, for two reasons.  One, Pacquiao is a countrymen of mine, and I am biased (at least I admit to it.)  Two, the experts tell you that Mayweather had an easy time with Marquez, which he did, but without discrediting Mayweather, he came into the fight significantly heavier which may not have effected the eventual outcome of the fight, but may have had an effect on the difficulty of it.  So to those who are quick to remind you of how tough it was for Pacquiao to survive the Marquez matches, let me say this, prior to this match, last we saw Mayweather, it took him 10 rounds to knock out Hatton.  It took Pac Man 2.  Pacquiao had more knockouts against Marquez in one round then Mayweather had going the distance.  So these comparisons aren’t completely relevant, plus Pacquiao is by far much more improved since his bouts with Marquez, so the only proof is in the pudding, but is anyone trying to make the pudding, or will we even get to taste it?  Will they fight is what I’m asking?

With all this said, as a true Pacquiao fan, I hope he and his trainers kept a close eye on this fight.  Not to overlook Cotto, because this match will not be a walk in the park for him by any stretch of the imagination, in fact as shown tonight, the naturally bigger fighter will always have the competitive advantage over the smaller fighter, so Pac Man definitely has his work cut out for him, but Mayweather has not fallen off at all.  He is still as lightning quick, as technically sound, and as complete a boxer as he’s ever been.  So there is much to train for if you’re Manny Pacquiao.  I look forward to Mayweather/Pacquiao, so Manny can once and for all put the debate to rest.  Like he should still be now, he will be after, the pound for pound best fighter in the world.

And he is the most famous Filipino in the world, right above Tim Tebow.


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