Week 1, Fantastic!

Although Week 1 isn’t technically over yet, as tonight we get treated to a MNF double-header (sweet), I just wanted to weigh in some thoughts on what went down on the NFL’s first Sunday.

How about my Niner’s!?  What an impressive performance, as the entire team has seemingly adapted Coach Singletary’s mind-state.  Sean Hill may not have had the flashiest numbers, but he showed that he could get the job done when it matters most.  The Niner’s need to open up the playbook a little more and not be quite as conservative, as Arizona pretty much dared them to throw (shutting down Gore), but with that D, SF’s that is, and oh what a D we have here, they will be given opportunities to take chances here and there on offense, and not be punished for it.

I know I said we were heading for a mediocre season, but what a statement made by Singletary and his boys, I change my mind, expect greatness.  P-Willy is a beast!

Atlanta looked stunning, and Matt Ryan played fantastic, just as I thought he would.  Tony Gonzalez is already making his presence felt on that squad, and despite Michael Turner being relatively quiet, you know what he’s capable of it.  I know it’s only week 1, but my prediction on Atlanta looks solid.  How about the Eagles?  Nothing much more to say there, everyone is expecting the Eagles to do big things this year, and they’re off to a great start.  DeSean is fun to watch isn’t he?  Go Bears!  Pending McNabb & Westbrook’s health issues during the course of the season, my NFC title game prediction is right on track.

Come to think of it, a lot of my predictions have looked solid thus far.  How about Coach Harbaugh turning the dogs loose and letting Flacco throw the damn ball?  I can’t remember there ever being a game in which a Baltimore Ravens QB threw for over 30+ passes in a game.  Didn’t I say Flacco is legit?  He is not just a “ball-control” QB, he is a gun-slinger baby!  I’ll wait a couple of weeks before I go out on a limb in saying this, but Baltimore might be the team to beat come mid-season.  I’m thinking Diego/Baltimore in the AFC title game.  Drew Brees.  Wow.  Can he actually take what he did last year a step further and break Marino’s passing yards in a season record?  He might even smash Brady’s TD’s in a season record along with it!  Brees is the MVP of week 1.  Sanchez is indeed a “rock-star!”  I was definitely disappointed in Houston, I have high expectations for them, and they just flat out stunk it up in week 1.  Rex Ryan might have had a hand in that.  I hope they bounce back.

The over-looked Colts escaped a tough one, but they will have an uphill climb for the next few weeks, as budding star Anthony Gonzalez will miss a few games due to a torn/strained (?) ligament in his leg.  Whatever the case, it didn’t look good as he injured it while being untouched.  Those injuries seem to be the worse.

Jay Cutler?  Wasn’t expecting that.  Don’t jump off the bandwagon yet, he’s good.  Aaron Rodgers, I still believe in you (go Bears) but I wasn’t really impressed with that performance.  Whatever was said or done to piss Adrian Peterson off at halftime, it worked.  He had what, 9 carries for 27 yards in the first half.  I distinctly recall him being upset at either himself, or perhaps a player on the Browns defense who taunted him, or maybe even at a teammate who said or did something to him early in the 3rd quarter after being stuffed on a carry at the goal line.  He was scowling and punching himself in the chest, and I just got this feeling in my stomach.  “Uh-oh.”  He proceeded to go off on the Browns.  Including a 64 yarder in which he threw away a defender, then stiff-armed another.  I wouldn’t want to see him that upset again if I were an opposing defense.  As a fan, I wish he was that pissed 24/7.  Or shall I say all day!

I owe Tony Romo an apology.  As I said, I know it’s only week 1, but he looked good.

So much to talk about in the NFL, I’m just giddy here at my work desk during my lunch hour, this is why football season is the best time of the year … but unfortunately my break is up.  I’ll leave with one last thought and a question.  Man that sucked for Cincy, I was rooting for them to win yesterday after watching them on the HBO series “Hard Knocks.”  Carson Palmer … you funny!  But alas, not only did they not win, but they lost in a devastating manner.  I do like Stokely’s presence of mind to run out clock before crossing the end zone line.  Here’s the question, Tom Brady embarks on his mission to return to glory tonight, does anybody doubt him?


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