Oh Schnaps!

Football starts tonight, and I didn’t finish my predictions …

In a flash, here is the rest of the rest!

AFC North

Baltimore, yes Baltimore wins the division.  Joe Flacco is legit.  (11-5)

Pittsburgh Steelers might not win the division, but they may win the Super Bowl … (10-6)

Both Ohio teams have mediocre seasons, but I give the edge to the Browns, since LeBron at least pretended to play for them in a commercial.

AFC South

Colts baby!  Somehow they’re a sleeper.  (12-4)

Houston Texans say what?  Yes they’ll make the playoffs this year, or at least be deep in the hunt.  Schaub, Johnson, Slayton, the new Aikman, Irving & Smith of Texas.  Just not as good.

Jags & Titans both finish 9-7.  Jones-Drew is going to have a more difficult time as the feature back, but expect him to still put up big numbers, he’ll just be a little more sore after each game this season.  Vince Young … ehhh.


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