Random Thoughts

It’s Wednesday morning, kind of, I’m here at work just sitting at my desk, and I’m somewhat stuck.  Despite the fact that every single day in the world of sports brings forth a new story to tell, I feel I have no material.  WTF?

So today, just random thoughts.

First off, what another heart-breaker last night for SF.  We need these wins, baby.  C’mon Giants, close out a game.  On the bright side, how about that Brad Penny, huh?  I used to hate that guy.  I know it’s only been what, 2 games?  But if we somehow squeak into the playoffs, look out!

It’s been about a month since Usain ran wild in the 200M, and I’m still buzzing off that performance.  I have just created a new nickname for him … Mr. Sonic Boom (move over Guile)

Shawne Merriman, when is he not in the news for something negative?  And does he really get drunk off that “Tequila” ???  Shall we say, Punch Drunk Love?  LOL!

So I love Pandora, it gets me through a long, grueling day of work, but why isn’t there a sports version of this?  Like you type in “NFL’s greatest hits” and it cranks out dozens of bone-crushing deliveries?  Oh wait, I guess it does exist, here’s the link.  www.youtube.com

OK, so I’m done with all my NFL Fantasy Drafts which means I can disclose my strategy, which is most likely not a secret to most.  You want to draft a QB with the first name Matt.  I got two of them (Ryan, Stafford) and I have Cassel on another league, and almost took Hasselbeck too.

What?  Jordan’s in the Hall of Fame?  How’d that guy get in?

Just watched the Tyson documentary, didn’t know that guy was such the philosopher.  Listen to what he says about sex and abstinence.  Genius this guy.  I do say that it was a great insight into his life, and I almost understand him now.  Great film.  I mourn for his loss.

Why is the consensus that LT is done?  No one likes lettuce & tomato anymore?

Is Brangelina really gonna split?

If Brad Pitt were to play any sports figure in a movie, who would you pick?  I’d say David Beckham … or Coach Krzyzewski.  Oh and by the way, Pitt was hilariously amazing in Inglourious Basterds.  Bravo to both he & Tarantino for this one.

I’m done.


One response to “Random Thoughts

  1. Wow really, i come here for my daily sports news insight and you give me this crap? Lettuce and Tomato?!?!!? Sir, you have just lost your biggest fan!!!

    *not really im still here buddy 143

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