2009 NFL Predictions (NFC East)

Rounding off my NFC predictions are the beast from the East, so with no delay, Bystrodamus will reveal more secrets to the 2009 NFL season.

Dallas Cowboys

That big time “divo” T.O. is history, all Cowboy fans rejoice, for your team is 100% better then they were a year ago.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is not entirely true, in fact, not even a tid bit.  T.O. was a cancer to team morale, a disease in the locker room, quick to blame any and everyone for not giving him enough looks, yet equally as quick in neglecting to man-up to his many dropped passes.  Now that he’s gone, Dallas will win the division, right?  Fat chance.  Despite the negatives, one thing that is undeniable about T.O. is that he demands attention … and I’m talking about the kind that’s on the field.  The reason why Jason Witten had a stellar year was partly due to the double teams and defensive schemes T.O. faced, making Witten’s job to get open, a little less difficult.  Witten is now the focal point to the Cowboy passing game, which means defenses will be keying in on him, too bad his relief comes in the form of unproven wide-out Roy Williams.  To make matters worse, Roy Williams is already assuming the role of arrogant receiver, as reportedly he and Tony Romo have bumped heads over the amount of passes thrown in his direction … sounds like T.O. never left.

Tony Romo is not Troy Aikman, and I cringe when commentators and journalist speak of him as if he’s already great.  He is highly overrated, and his playoff record is all I have to reference to if thought otherwise.  This year, he’ll be completely exposed, and Cowboy fans will be left with questions in regards to the type of leader Romo is (again).  I like Marion Barber a lot, and he will have another solid season, but he’d have to have MVP type numbers to give the Cowboys a chance at contention, and I don’t see him accomplishing that.  I’m sorry I didn’t mention anything about the Dallas defense, but let’s just say this … they’d have to have the 2000 Baltimore Ravens D to stand a chance.  They don’t have that D.  Terrell Owens is always appointed the scapegoat for teams when they are flailing, but you will see how much of that blame is unfair.

The Dallas Cowboys finish the season 9-7

NY Giants

Boy the Giants had it rolling for about 90% of the regular season, didn’t they?  I mean, everyone (and their mama’s) felt a repeat was simply inevitable … and wasn’t it?  Even after the huge Plax size road block toppled their path, the Giants kept moseying along without a hitch, like a fine-tuned machine … but it was all an illusion.  I foolishly thought the Giants passed their biggest test in determining if they were worthy of a back-to-back, when they defeated the eventual Super Bowl champ Pittsburgh Steelers in a very tight match.  They pretty much cleaned house in their division and conference, but finished the season off weak.  Of course there were injuries, the Plax thing perhaps caught up to them, but I think their biggest downfall was, they didn’t possess the desire anymore.  They thought the playoffs would be a cake-walk, and they shut the engine down early … they forgot, it’s difficult to start it up again in the cold, cold winter.  I think they were satisfied with the previous year’s trophy, and were no longer hungry for it’s possession.  I bet they’re starving now, but unfortunately, the team may not be as efficient as they were a year ago (at least offensively).  They lose Ward, and Plax, and I honestly believe that those voids will be gi-normous.  Eli isn’t capable of carrying this team, think of him as a more talented Brad Johnson, and the rest of the Giants are the 2002 Super Bowl champion Bucs – catch my drift?  Of course the big guns will be returning on D for the Giants, but will that be enough to guide them back to the top?  The Giants are somewhat of an odyssey to me in 2009, the potential is still there, but I just can’t bring myself to believe they can harness it.  All I can say is – “we’ll see.”

The NY Giants finish the season 9-7

Philadelphia Eagles

Philly was the complete opposite of the NY Giants last year.  They started soft, like wheat bread.  They were weak, I mean, I thought their season was over after the first four games or something … at least it felt that way.  Wasn’t Donovan McNabb benched sometime last season?  Jesus, I still can’t fathom that one of the greatest quarterback’s in the modern day era of football, who was healthy enough to play, rode the pine.  And he handled it in the best possible way he could, then came back and silenced his haters (again) all while pushing Philly back into the post-season after a strong finish.  Philadelphia management rewarded their leader with a new contract, and I hope the blue-collared fans of Philly are thankful that McNabb, will most likely retire an Eagle.  I swear, McNabb has been one of the most scrutinized players in the history of football, hell, in all sports, and I can’t understand why.  He does not need to win a Super Bowl to validate his ticket into Canton, but it definitely would shut his critics up.  To my predictions.  Defensively, Philly plays fast and hits hard.  They have a defense that is well capable of holding up their end of the bargain in terms of getting them into the Super Bowl.  Offensively, I feel they’ve gotten better for a few reasons.  They went from fast to faster with the addition of Jeremy Maclin.  DeSean Jackson (who I loved since Cal – go Bears) will emerge as a legitimate star, and I’m hoping that a year older is a year wiser for him.  His talent is top of the line, and his potential is sky-high … it’s all pending his ability to keep a level head.  And of course, Donovan McNabb will wreck shop.  He has a new contract, he led his team back to the NFC title game when no one on this planet thought he could.   He basically feels vindicated.

Now, I know what everyone is thinking, in all actuality, the key to the Philadelphia Eagles 2009 season lies in Brian Westbrook and his health.  Well for one, I believe that Westbrook will return healthy, and it will be business as usual as far as his performance on the field.  But, through my fellow sports analyst, and brother from another mother, Will Allen, I received a tip – and I pretty much have to trust this guy … I never doubt Will Allen bro.  But according to Will, the x-factor for the Eagles will be the back that they drafted out of Pitt, LeSean McCoy.  Now I myself, have not followed him, let alone heard of him, but my supremely credible sources tell me this … he’s the next LT, only one difference, he’s faster.  Now how’s about that for your back up running-back?  You know what that sounds like to me?  Sounds like the 2009 NFC East champs, and a punched ticket back to the NFC title game.

The Philadelphia Eagles finish the season 11-5

Washington Redskins

Oh the Redskins.  They remind me of football’s version of the NY Yankees.  Best team money can buy, but no championships in recent memory.  If the Redskins were a movie, they would be Jurassic Park, and Daniel Snyder would be the old white guy who with his riches, built the modern day flea circus.  In the beginning, there was so much promise in the amusement park, but by movie’s end, everything fell apart, and disaster incurred.  At least the Redskins players don’t eat their fans.  Despite the huge signing of Albert Haynesworth, arguably the game’s best defensive player, it remains difficult for me to get excited about this team.  I’ve fell into the traps of years past, when they were the trendy choice to pick as Super Bowl champs.  So although on paper, they can easily be amongst the elite, I’ll wait for show and tell on the field.  The positives, Jim Zorn is an excellent coach, and he had his team on the verge of something special, but the inexperience at quarterback, and some inconsistent play did the Redskins in.  Jason Campbell has potential to be a big game quarterback.  The young man shows flashes of brilliance, if he can play at a high level on a week to week basis, the Redskins are going places.  Similar to what’s going on over there in Minnesota with the Vikings, I really feel that they are a few players from reaching their potential.  But unfortunately, one of those few players, is a quarterback.  The offensive field general.  So, the negative is Jason Campbell.  How long can you ride potential?  At some point he has to step up and be the man.  Grab the team by the horns, and take control.  The Redskins, on paper, got the goods to do it … but can they deliver?  We’ll see …

The Washington Redskins finish 10-6


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