2009 NFL Predictions (NFC North)

With the 2009 NBA Draft literally breathing down our neck’s, I find that now is the best time to hit you with my on going predictions for the upcoming NFL season.  Boom.  Roasted.

NFC North

Chicago Bears

Can this team improve that much with the addition of one guy?  Yes, if that guy’s name is Jay freakin’ Cutler.  I’m sorry, the guy may be arrogant, but he has the goods to back it up, besides, he’s not as bad as Philip Rivers out in Diego, who blatantly taunts his opponents.  Well, he taunts Cutler.  Anyway, Cutler doesn’t have quite the receiving unit as he did in the Mile High, (it wasn’t just the quarterback people) but with that arm, he’s going to turn some heads out there regardless of who he has to work with.  Plus, with all the Cutler excitement, we can’t easily forget about Matt Forte.  He is a fine looking back, and he’s only going to improve ten fold.  If Cutler doesn’t find a reason to bolt out of the Windy City, then that duo will be one to keep an eye on for some time.  My only issue for the Bears, well not issue, but concern – their defense.  What?  Chicago’s D a concern?  Yes.  16th in points allowed last season (about 21 a game) isn’t too bad, but couple that with 21st in yards allowed and you have concern folks.  Although it would be silly to say they can’t improve on those numbers, I like to plan for the worse, and for the first time in like, a bazillion years, the offense will carry the load for the Bears … wow.

The Chicago Bears finish 10-6

Detroit Lions

Listen, I can reference a million loser jokes when trying to describe the Detroit Lions 2008 season, but it’s a bit old.  Yeah, we know, they did not win one single game last year, not one … but just to show compassion, I’ll say some of those games were real close.  Not only were they an awful team, but they must have smelled funny too, because Lady Luck would not go anywhere near them.  So, will the team see improvement this year?  They better, if they follow up a zero win season, with another donut, than the entire Detroit Lions organization should cut a Stimulus Refund check to every citizen in the Motor City.  Wait, I’m being serious, Obama needs to look into it, in fact, why not have them help bail out GM?  They’re practically blood relatives anyway.  On a serious note, Matthew Stafford … I thought he was a very good college player, he definitely has the tools to make it, but, for some reason, being drafted #1 by Detroit I think – Joey Harrington.  Remember what a stud Harrington was at Oregon people?  An absolute beast, where is he now?  Last I heard, he works for GM … I’m just saying – I like to prepare for the worse.  Detroit wins three games this season, congratulations on a spectacular year!

The Detroit Lions finish 3-13

Green Bay Packers

Boy was I on the band wagon after the first two games of last season.  Aaron Rodgers threw a ton of touchdowns with no interceptions and for a brief moment had Packer fans saying, “Brett who?”  OK, in no way shape or form would Packer fans say that, let alone think it, but they did believe in the heir apparent to Favre.  Naturally, Green Bay cooled off, and after an up and down season, they failed to reach the playoffs.  Many feel that if they worked it out with Favre, they would have been a legitimate Super Bowl contender last year, but Green Bay’s management went another direction.  I applaud them for it.  Offensively, Green Bay has a lot of young talent at their skill positions, expect them to improve much more this year.  Ryan Grant finished off 2008 with good numbers, but didn’t seem consistent in the games I watched.  If he can dominate the ground game in which I know he has the potential to do, Green Bay will be a force to be reckoned with.  Defensively, they finished middle of the Pack, but I believe their D was a lot better than what the numbers show.  If all facets of Green Bay’s game can slightly improve, just slightly, then expect Green Bay to do some serious damage in 2009, and Packer fans … Aaron Rodgers is good – don’t quit him.

The Green Bay Packers finish 9-7

Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson is the new king of the backfield (if he wasn’t so already) – dethroning LT (who will have a fantastic year in 2009, BTW) but how far are the Vikings from being a serious contender?  Is it truly one quarterback away?  Is Brett Favre and all his credentials what they need to put them over the hump?  I’m going to say NO.  Many will think I’m crazy for that statement, but similar to how I believe Shaq will hinder the Cavs, Favre will do the same to Minnesota.  This is all pending Minnesota does get Favre, but assuming they do, I’ll tell you why the team won’t have the success they anticipate with the addition of Favre.  OK, Brett knows the system Minnesota runs, it’s been stated that he can run the offense with his eyes closed, obviously that’s a positive, but he is coming off surgery in which he waited too long to carry out, and when you’re old, it’s more difficult to recover.  Hell, I’m 26 and playing basketball for a few hours can break me down both physically and mentally.  I get worn out, imagine going through another football season with the greatest physical specimens know to man hunting you … destroying you?  How Brett has cheated Mother Nature this long is beside me … but it ends now.

Minnesota’s D (especially the run D) is rock solid, and is a defense that can contend for a championship, so I don’t blame Minnesota for their excitement and enthusiasm for pursuing Favre.  They have bought into the notion that he is indeed, the missing link.  The Vikings have a pair of young quarterback’s vying for the starting job if Brett Favre isn’t part of their equation, but they are both inexperienced and very much in the middle of their developmental stages (perhaps the beginning) which would probably position them at most, in the bubble of serious contention.  I don’t mean to burst Minnesota’s bubble, but Favre doesn’t make them serious contenders either.  One thing to note about Brett Favre througout his illustrious career, he sucks in the Metrodome.  Like, sucks bad.  Eight games there, huh?

The Minnesota Vikings finish 10-6 (with Favre, 9-7)


One response to “2009 NFL Predictions (NFC North)

  1. BURN!!! “Not only were they an awful team, but they must have smelled funny too…”

    That was a low blow my friend…

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