What’s Cooler Than Cool? Joe Cool.

There’s only a handful of athletes that have an “aura” about them.  The ability to command a room, to make everything around you irrelevant, and to keep you glued to their every move, their every word.

Joe Montana is one of those athletes.

I happen to believe you are born with that aura, but it can only be recognized through your actions, through performance.  The select few who have this power, have earned it in a sense.  When time and faith collide, chaos spawns from the ashes, what is presented is an opportunity.  An opportunity to let your aura flourish.  People who do not have this ability falter, they panic, they fail.  The people that do have this aura rise to the occasion.  They see it as a blessing, as a chance to showcase their greatness.

Joe Montana is the essence of greatness.

I fell in love with sports when I was a child, and football was the first to seduce me.  I was also fascinated by Greek Mythology, and tales of adventure.  I had such an impressionable mind that it was easy for me to combine the two, the result:  Joe Montana is the god of football.  Of course I eventually grew out of that phase, but what impresses me about Joe’s aura, is that it never diminished in my eyes.  His career is like your fondest memories, it’s just as good when you’re revisiting them.  Thanks to websites like youtube and hulu, we have access to sports’ greatest moments, 24/7.  It’s easy to run your favorite player’s highlight reel on repeat – then get bored of it.  That doesn’t occur with Joe.  At least not to me.


I’ve replayed this clip 20 times today and it has not gotten old.  With the greatest prize in the profession at stake, the most dazzling of performances was delivered.  Every step, confident.  Every decision, assuring.  Every pass, precise.  So calm, so relaxed, and you never got the notion otherwise.  If you were a 49er fan, there was nothing to be concerned about during those final 3:10.  It’s as if Joe Montana was of a higher being and was simply playing out his destiny.  92 yards later, the picture I have of Joe Montana engraved in my memories …  him raising his arms symbolizing a touchdown.  It also symbolizes his aura, his greatness.

When the stage is set, and the lights are lit, the stars will shine.  “The Drive” epitomizes Joe Montana’s career, but it is one of several that has garnered him the title, “Greatest of All Time.”  And who can argue?  Not even the gods.

Clutch is everything, and Joe was all about it.

Clutch is everything, and Joe was all about it.


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