2009 NFL Predictions (NFC West)

Since we are deep into the NBA Finals (Orlando in six) I figured there’s no better time to give you my predictions on the up-coming NFL season, than now.

So without further adieu, the 2009 NFL season by conference & division, starting with the NFC.  (Spoiler alert!)

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals

They had a magical run last post-season that catapulted them straight into the Super Bowl.  In fact, they were two plays erased from winning the whole damn thing.  Unfortunately Cardinals fans, not this year.  First off, Larry Fitzgerald is a beast.  He is easily the best wide-out in the game today, but he is no longer a secret.  To the fans, to the media, and especially to opposing defenses.  Expect him to see plenty of double teams, perhaps even triple teams, hell, I’d throw two corners, a safety and the kitchen sink at him if need be.  He is the vital part of Arizona’s success, and he can’t do it without the help of their receiving core.  Steve Breaston is a fine looking receiver, but I don’t think he’d be enough to force one on one coverage on Fitz.  If they resolve the contract disputes with Anquan Boldin, and get him to wear a Cardinals jersey with a smile on his face, then perhaps I would change my opinion, but until then, division winners will be the highlight of the Arizona Cardinals season.  Did I mention Kurt Warner turns 1000 years old this season?  That doesn’t help the cause one bit.

Arizona Cardinals finish the season 10-6

San Francisco 49ers

We’re not going to be very good.  With that said, you can best believe I will still root, root root for the home team!  The 49ers remain very much in the rebuilding process, and quite frankly, I do not expect much of an improvement from a year ago.  I do agree with the hiring of Mike Singletary and his no BS coaching style, and if given some leash, he will turn the franchise around, however, it will require a bit of patience.  San Francisco isn’t too shabby on defense, they finished the season ranked 13th overall in yards allowed.  Nate Clements is an outstanding corner and Patrick Willis who finished second in tackles, is arguably the best linebacker in the NFL.  The majority of San Francisco’s problems stem from their inability to be consistent on offense.  After an incredible 2006, Frank Gore is coming off consecutive seasons of average ball.  Look for him to return to form this season.  Listen close San Francisco, Sean Hill is our guy at quarterback.  I truly feel he’s earned the job despite erratic play last year, but more so, are we honestly reconsidering Alex Smith?  Really?  Wait.  Really?

Michael Crabtree is going to be bad ass, and keep your eye on Glen Coffee to give Frank Gore some Gatorade breaks, but unfortunately, that won’t lead to more wins.

San Francisco 49ers finish the season 6-10

Seattle Seahawks

Didn’t the Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl a few years ago?  Wasn’t the MVP of the league, Shawn Alexander playing for them?  We seem far removed from those days, don’t we?  Seattle was terrible last season, and although it wasn’t entirely their fault (so many injuries, especially at wide-receiver), they still wouldn’t be in playoff contention regardless.  Matt Hasselbeck will return healthy, but his biggest threat, Deion Branch says he’ll never be the same, which is cause for concern if you are Seattle.  But no loss is greater than that of Head Coach Mike Holmgren retiring.  Seattle fans should take solace in knowing that the man brought in to replace Holmgren, Jim Mora, Jr. is well capable of steering the team in the right direction.  I was a huge Jim Mora fan, and was quite upset when San Francisco let him leave to Atlanta, where he did an excellent job.  Unfortunately, the Seahawks aren’t that talented, and they should expect similar struggles to last season.

Seattle Seahawks finish the season 5-11

St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams finished last in the NFC West, and if it weren’t for the lowly Detroit Lions, they would have tied for the worse record in football, finishing 2-14 along side the Kansas City Chiefs.  Unlike the Kansas City Chiefs, there’s no Matt Cassel joining the team to help fix those passing numbers.  Marc Bulger was un-Marc Bulger like in 2008.  He finished 21st in passing yards, and tied for 27th in touchdown passes.  With the departure of his favorite, and realistically his only target in Tori Holt, it may seem possible for the Rams to follow up a disastrous season with something worse.  Granted Bulger will probably show some resemblance of his former self, it doesn’t solve the defensive problems.  St. Louis finished 28th in yards allowed per game, and gave up nearly 30 points an outing on average.  I do not see a light at the end of this tunnel, St. Louis is currently in recession.

St. Louis Rams finish the season 2-14


6 responses to “2009 NFL Predictions (NFC West)

  1. Eff that….49ers are going to be in the last spot in the playoffs and are going to have a 9-7 record…then SUPER BOWL!!!

  2. I hella second the niners being the last spot…i damn near think theyre gonna take the NFC west this year…and alex smith…sure consider him…let him play…on the sideline…in the locker room…dammit on some other damn team…send him he sucks…when he’s not on the niners anymore they should just donate his store merchandise to the homeless folks who sleep along the streets of san francisco…that way itll be niner faithful all year long…cross his name out of course…

  3. Shows your knowledge of the Rams — you can’t even spell Torry Holt’s name correctly. Nevertheless you also mentioned that Holt was virtually Bulger’s only target, but you failed to write about Donnie Avery.

    When was the last time you actually watched more than two Rams games within the last three seasons combined?

    • Thanks Troy, for being the first stranger to leave a comment on my blog. It’s somewhat negative … but I’ll take it!

      I’ll admit, you’re correct about a few things …

      1) It’s Torry Holt, not Tori Holt, thanks for the correction
      2) I didn’t mention Donnie Avery (who is that?)
      3) I watch the Rams twice a year

      Now …

      You’re a Rams fan, right? I’ll assume you are, but even if you’re not, even if you examined what I said about the rest of the division, but upon rendering my opinion on St. Louis, you found it so disturbingly wrong that you felt it was your personal duty to inform me, hence your comments, which despite how sarcastic I sound right now, I’m actually thankful for … I still have some questions for you.

      1) Torry Holt, the Rams best wide receiver last season – yes or no? Him being gone this year helps or hurts?
      2) Donnie Avery (who you feel is worthy of being mentioned a target with his whopping 3 TD’s last season) = more wins?
      3) Yes Marc Bulger will return to form, and so will Stephen Jackson, but will they help the offense average 30 + points per game?

      Which leads me to this …

      As I mentioned in my blog, the Rams defense gave up nearly 30 points an outing last year, you’d have to bring back the 1999 “Greatest Show On Turf” Rams to have a chance. Which leads to another question, are the 2009 Rams the 1999 Rams?

      You’ve seen 14 more Rams games than I did last year, honestly … was there anything that led you to believe they will be a vastly improved team this year? What were you even arguing against? The fact I spelled Torry Holt’s name incorrectly, or because I failed to mention Donnie Avery? Or were you arguing against how I feel the Rams will do this season? If so … friendly wager?

      If the Rams finish better than 4-12 in 2009, then I will promote your blog site on my Facebook & Twitter accounts, if not, you promote mine … fair enough? Oh, if I win, you leave a comment declaring my knowledge of the Rams is greater than yours …


      PS – If you’re a true Rams fan, don’t read my June 18 post …

    • I was wrong. The Rams weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be. They were worse.

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