True Hoop

With one minute left in Game 3 of the 2009 NBA Finals, the officials once again tried to gift-wrap a win for the LA Lakers, but as faith would have it, not even the greatest closer the game’s ever seen was able to escape the truest of basketball folklore.

To quote the great poet, Rasheed Wallace, “Ball don’t lie!”


4 responses to “True Hoop

  1. So I was wacthing game three and some of the post-game highlights and did you see Mickael Pietrus do a Eugene double dribble on that fast break. LoL.

    Anyways, isn’t it weird how they shot a ridculously high percentage from the field and just managed to win by 4. This must show something about the lakers, or should I say the L.A. Kobe’s.

    What’s your thought? How can a team shoot such a great percentage and still only win by 4? I honestly thought they would’ve blown out the L.A. Kobe’s.

    BTW, I think Kobe lost the game (turnovers, missed freethrows, etc…) LOOOOOSER!!!!

  2. Please tell me you did not just call bryant the best closer the NBA has ever seen!

  3. kobe was a no show, B…honestly i hate that guy and i want him to lose again this year…it should be 2-1 right now…but i guess the magic had to face the folklore in game 2…but if kobe wins he still cant be compared to JORDAN…kobe cant win without a BIGman and hasnt played two sports…hahaha

  4. Pietrus’s double dribble (ala Euge) was inexcusable. If we can catch Euge doing it, a highly paid NBA ref should be able to see it and make the call too! That just goes to show you that the NBA machine will find a way for the Magic to win game 4 tonight and make this a series (more viewers & tickets sold = more money). Think about how many people would stop watching once the Lakeshow went up 3-0. Lakers will win game 5 in Orlando and take home the bacon back home in LA in game 6.

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