Sports Guy By? Who?


My name is Byron DeGuzman.  I love sports.  I’m funny.  Trust me, you’ll love my blog.

I am passionate, competitive and stubborn.  I hate losing.  Absolutely hate it.  When I partake in any athletic competition, I’m always serious.  There are no games here, baby.  Only winners and losers.

When I root for a team, I give myself entirely to that team.  If they win, I become elated, if they lose, I end up heart-broken.  It’s as if life has failed on me.  Is that over the top?  You God damn right it is! Do I care?  No.  Who are you anyway?  OMG, JK, you’re my BFF, now please read my blog.  And yes, I typed “You God damn,” instead of “You’re God damn.”  That’s how I roll, son.

Basically I have a lot of opinions and blogging is a fun way to express those opinions and spark debates.  If you get excited to watch, read about or talk about sports, you need to bookmark this now.  Save it to your favorites.  I am open to criticism and encourage you to chime in your thoughts, but beware, do so at your own risk.

I might “Byte.” (Get it?  Byte, because I’m Sports Guy By … oh forget it …)


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